Reverend Al Sharpton went on MSNBC on Monday to accuse conservative Americans of falling for a “charismatic con man” when they voted for President Donald Trump. He went on to claim that Trump has “fired up” his supporters so much that it will be difficult for Joe Biden to walk across the aisle as president.

When asked about the potential Biden has of being able to work with Republican lawmakers, Sharpton replied, “President-elect Biden is dealing with a different kind of zeal in this Republican Party now that has been put in by Donald Trump and fired up their base. Many of them are afraid of their base that will not let them reach back across the aisle because they’ve become captive by a charismatic con man that has now captured the party and arrested them in place.”

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“You’re not dealing with people that are talking about healing,” he added. “You’re dealing with people that want to just hold where they are and have nothing even appearing like they’re dealing with people across the aisle, less alone dealing with the citizenship that is diverse and has interests that have been treated unfairly.”

After the election, Sharpton expressed his shock at how well Trump did with the minority vote.

“He has done better than, in my judgment, he should have with Black men and Hispanics, which means that we’ve got to really look in the civil rights community, both on the Latino and the African American side, on a real conversation in our communities on what it is to be different in terms of being entrepreneurial aspirants and being fair in terms of how we look from the whole,” Sharpton said, according to Fox News.

“I think he appealed to some that wanted to feel that they had to be a certain kind of way to be aspirational and that you can be that and still be centrists,” he added. “I think that a lot of them bought into the false view they were putting out on Joe Biden with the crime bill rather than dealing with the fact that Joe Biden was going along with the majority of people, even in the Black leadership with the Black crime bill.”