Whoopi Goldberg Nonsensically Accuses Trump Of ‘Attempting A Coup’ By Challenging Election Results

Whoopi Goldberg had yet another meltdown against Donald Trump on Monday’s episode of “The View,” this time nonsensically accusing the president of “attempting a coup” by challenging the results of the election.

“There’s so much disinformation coming out about these crazy court cases that he keeps doing, and what’s happening in Michigan right now,” Goldberg said. “I mean, it feels like they’re attempting a coup to me, Sunny. I know everybody doesn’t want to hear that, but that’s what dictators do when they try to say this election wasn’t real. I’m going to try to change it. What do you think is happening, Sunny, particularly in Michigan and in Georgia?”

Goldberg was addressing her cohost Sunny Hostin, who was quick to respond.

“I have to agree with you on that, Whoopi,” she said. “It feels very much like what we see in countries where there are dictators. We see these coups. We see these attempts to really steal elections, and I think that’s what we’re seeing here. What’s interesting about all the legal cases, you talk about 30 something odd legal cases. None of them have been successful, none of them.  In fact, in Pennsylvania in federal court, the judge said, this lacks—it has no evidence. It lacks merit.”

“You know, they have been sort of tossed out of courtrooms, laughed at, they have been dismissed, and yet they continue and continue to do it. I think he would need to be successful, President Trump, in three states,” Hostin added. “There’s just no way that that’s going to happen, and it involves just so few votes that I think you’re right, Whoopi. I think what we’re seeing is a president attempting to steal an election to overturn results, and in addition disenfranchise voters of color.”

That’s when Goldberg really came unglued.

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“I’m sorry. This is an attempted coup,” she said. “This is what dictators do when they want to take a country away from its people.”

Goldberg has spent the past four years launching increasingly deranged attacks on President Donald Trump on a daily basis. As one of the most anti-Trump people on television, it’s virtually impossible to take anything she says about him seriously anymore.

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