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What If It Happens?

There is a very real possibility that Joe Biden will be fraudulently inaugurated in January. It will be the consequence of a stolen election. He will be an illegitimate president, but he will be president. He will bring with him authoritarian socialists intent on taking away most aspects of your freedom.


What can you do to maintain freedom in your life if Biden seizes office? You must pull away from the idea of a national allegiance. For the America that you have sworn allegiance to in the past will be gone. You must focus on the personal.

The love and respect you once gave the nation must be transferred to other entities. Your church, your state, your family, your civic associations must then take precedence. The traditional ideals of this nation must be seen as dead for now, perhaps forever. For now that this election may be stolen by Biden and the Democrats, they couldĀ steal all elections in the future. Who will stop them, if a free vote is a thing of the past?

National institutions must be ignored in your daily life. They will no longer have any value, as this will virtually be an occupied nation.

You must draw your life, and those and what you love, closer. In them find the solace and inspiration you once found in America. Your towns, counties, and states could claim your loyalty, if they still are places of freedom. But many already aren’t and more will fall due to federal intimidation and coercion.

If Biden takes office, in the place in your heart you once held the United States, now hold the ideals that once made the United States a free country. Remember them, cherish them, teach them to your children. For those ideals may be soon extinct.

Yes, much of life will go on as before, especially the dark and twisted facets of existence. In fact, those will be encouraged and traditional virtues may be stamped out by force of law. But Biden and the Democrats don’t want to upset you too much at first. They want to take your freedoms away bit by bit so you won’t notice too much as they go. But go they will.

And wait. Wait for a possible, but not certain, national renewal. Wait for a free national election that may never happen again. In the meantime, hold fast, love what and who deserves your love, and hope against hope that if, and it’s still an “if”, the Democrats come to power, some other power, greater than all the hate and corruption of Biden and the Democrats, overcomes them in the end and restores a national ethos of freedom.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 8, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com [3] and is used by permission.

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