We’re seeing all across the bureaucratic and leftist spectrum, from the CDC to various buttinski governors, how the Left is mightily trying to kill Thanksgiving. They’ve never liked it because it is a patriotic holiday. So now they use the virus as an excuse to curtail the day’s festivities. But that is nothing compared to what they likely have planned for Christmas.

Doning their green Grinch suits, the Left and the Democrats abhor Christmas because it celebrates faith, specifically Christianity. We think of Christmas and we think of an innocent infant and hope for mankind. They think of Christmas and they think of a litany of leftist tropes that play into their dark twisted worldview.

To them, Christmas is racist because Jesus was Jewish and those nasty Jews dare to stand in the way of innocent Islamist terrorists who want to murder them down to the last man, woman, and child. What nerve for the Jews to want to protect their people and their God-given land when others would prefer to push them into the sea. What effrontery! Christmas is also racist because it became the major religion of the West and all those dead white males who also brought as the free market, democracy, science, art, and pretty much every other positive thing that marks the modern world. So yeah, gotta hate whites for burdening us with indoor plumbing and the like.


Christmas is sexist to the Left because of the tragic fact that Jesus was a man. Oh no, not that. He even had a father. Well, technically two fathers. Which must make him doubly filled with toxic masculinity! Also again, cue the mean white guy stuff.

But most of all to the Left, Christmas must be stamped out because it’s fun and redolent of family and hope for the world. As we see time and time again by their draconian regulations and their pinched miens, the Left despises fun of any sort. The fact that someone, anyone, could be smiling at anytime flies in the face of their arrid ideology of bitterness and victimhood. And family, especially the nuclear family, well, that’s gotta go because it can perpetuate horrible traditions like love, honor, and respect. I mean, how are you gonna coerce an entire society into authoritarian socialism if they keep learning that stuff at home? And hope? No place for it in the never-ending vision of a jackboot stomping a human face, the ultimate goal of the Left and its crazed acolytes.

So, from the media and the Left you will soon hear myriad reasons why a traditional Christmas this year need be canceled and why, you know, it’s an old and deplorable thing anyway that should just die and make way for a celebration of the nativity of Che Guevara. And there is a proper response to that proposal, but if I wrote in a public forum Santa would definitely put me on his naughty list. And I really really want to see that bottle of Pappy under the tree. Ergo…

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 20, 2020. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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