NO ARRESTS After Antifa Rioters Vandalize Portland Buildings

Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement made its first appearance, the Democrats have refused to denounce the violence that seems to follow them wherever they go. They preach about togetherness and unity, but they rip apart businesses and families whenever they march around cities throughout America. The most recent reports coming out of Portland show that while the city is being overrun by Black Lives Matter, there aren’t any arrests being made.

On Friday, police were notified that members of BLM and Antifa were planning on rioting around the city. But what they didn’t know was at the same time – another group was planning on rioting at the same time while the police were distracted with the first group. But why do I tell you all of this? Because this shows that this isn’t just a coincidence or the community crying out for help. These are people planning out attacks on the city and actually getting away with it.

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But how dangerous is the BLM movement really? It should be noted that just last week the group called for president-elect Joe Biden to abolish prisons and police. Even before that, the group told Joe Biden they were eager to work alongside him, yet at night they are busy tearing about the very fabric of this country.

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The Black Lives Matter movement even credited Joe Biden winning the presidency due to them backing his party. In return, they had a few demands they wanted to be met, but Biden has yet to meet with any of them. But that doesn’t mean it is off the table.

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But what is really surprising is how the Democrats and Joe Biden have yet to denounce the violence before the movement. While their value may be just, which they aren’t, it doesn’t help one’s cause to go around looting the very people you are trying to win over. But then again, is it really justice they want?

As for the Democrats, there is no way they are going to turn their backs on their voters, so if you are waiting for the next so-called President to stand up for law and order, then you might have wanted to vote for Donald Trump.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on November 23, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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