Newsmax Calls Presidency For Biden

Still "fake news"?

The president popularized the term “fake news” as a shorthand for leftist news organizations that were lying and reporting the news non-factually.

But there are some who have expanded the term into any information they disagree with. As bad as the Left and their irrational tantrums, conservatives and Republicans who use this phrase in this way indulge in the same type of inane factless doggerel they accuse the Left of. In fact, no doubt this piece will be called “fake news” by certain cretins, thus, of course, proving our point.

It has nowhere been more apparent than in the controversy over the result of the presidential race. The president himself has dropped hint after hint that he knows he has lost and is not conceding so he can continue his legal fight to ensure fair elections in the future. First, in a tweet, he literally said Biden won. Then he started making personnel changes in the executive branch to effect an endgame strategy. Then he tells GSA to go ahead with the transition. How much more do people need before they stop fighting the last war?

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But now, the deservedly popular Newsmax website and news service, the site many have left FNC for as Fox went too far left, is calling the race for Biden. Is it still “fake news”? Are some now going to call Newsmax a sellout until they find a news outlet that, just like leftists, gives them only the news they want to hear? We called the race for Biden when the president said Biden won. We’ve been hit for it on social by conservatives. Now, who called it a week and a half before Newsmax? That would be us. And who said we were traitors and “fake news”? Uh huh.

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Newsmax: “Some three weeks after Election Day, Newsmax calculates Biden has accumulated 285 electoral votes, 15 more than necessary to claim victory. Newsmax is naming Joe Biden the winner of Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania after those states officially certified their election results.

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Pennsylvania announced Tuesday that it officially certified its election results, giving Biden the state’s 20 electoral college votes. Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar certified Biden’s 80,555-vote margin of victory, which was announced in a tweet by Gov. Tom Wolf. Also on Tuesday, the Nevada Supreme Court unanimously approved that state’s election results, giving Biden Nevada’s six electoral votes.

And on Monday, Michigan election officials certified Biden’s 154,000-vote victory there, though President Donald Trump and his legal team have challenged the election tallies. Last Friday, Newsmax called Georgia for Biden after an initial recount found him the winner by over 12,000 votes. Thus, consistent with Newsmax’s policy of basing calls in contested states on official certifications, Newsmax is naming Biden as the victor over Trump in all three states.”

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