The president’s America First policy has paid great dividends for this country. But allied nations, resenting the fact that America is no longer a sucker, have sent more than subtle signals supporting Joe Biden. They have mirrored their populations, as those people also resent an American president caring about America first, as they are used to decades of living off the American taxpayer. The president’s poll numbers in those nations tanked long ago. But, Obama’s numbers were great there.

This is a lesson we’ve mentioned before: the efficacy of an American president is directly related to his standing abroad. Strong presidents who look after American interests are not liked abroad, like Trump. Weak effete American presidents, like Obama, are loved many places abroad because they fold like a cheap card table at the slightest displeasure from foreign governments, who are intelligently putting their own interests first in trying to stick it to us.


There are exceptions, our closest allies Britain and Israel. The British people aren’t thrilled with Trump, though his unpopularity is nowhere near as bad as it is with the Surrender Monkeys or the Hun. The British people have a natural love of America and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is close to Trump. But Boris, likely with Trump’s approval, has downplayed the relationship for domestic political reasons. Johnson has remained mum on the election, which is a proper stance for a foreign leader. And Johnson has a lot of his own problems.

As the most pro-Israeli president in American history, Trump is popular in Israel. He and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu are publicly close and Bibi has all but endorsed Trump for reelection, one of only three national leaders who have gone that far. The other two are Duterte of the Phillipines and Bolsonaro of Brazil. Other exceptions are the nations of Eastern Europe. They know socialism first hand and adore Trump for fighting against it at home.

Canada has all but come for Biden, as has its gay Ken doll Prime Minister. Not a bright move for Justin Trudeau. If Trump is reelected the president will remember. Either way, Republicans in Congress will remember and make Canada pay a price in economic, trade, and national security areas.

Belgium and the Netherlands have come out for Biden. Who cares? They are meaningless afterthought countries more suited as German invasion bait than functioning democracies.

Wily old Vlad Putin has, wink wink nudge nudge, come out for Biden. Trump probably arranged that in a phone call. While a weaker America is good for Russia, China, and Iran, Putin is no fool and likely privately prefers a strong sharp adult like the president to a doddering fool he couldn’t cut any deals with.