According to MSNBC, white women who voted for Trump are the nation’s main problem because, well, they voted for Trump.

So, if you’re a white woman and reading this, ask yourself: Are you a bigger problem than the Democrats, the virus, Antifa, or Black Lives Matter? No? MSNBC thinks you are.

MSNBC Host Tiffany Cross asked a very non-telegenic panel on Saturday whether white women’s “overwhelming support for Trump in the 2020 election was a vote for Trump or against Biden-Harris, with the emphasis on Harris?”

Gorgon Julie Kohler, a Senior Advisor at Democracy Alliance, said that support of President Trump represented a “maintenance of the status quo.” Really? Because conservatism is such the status quo? Sure, right.

“Pluralities of white women have been voting for Republican candidates for the better part of 70 years,” Kohler said. “And I think one of the important things that we can hopefully take from this election, is that these are long-standing patterns that are unlikely to change.” Thank God for that. Way to go you guys…er…um gals!

Kohler spewed on, “We still see those legacies today, whether it’s Amy Cooper or the ‘Permit Patties,’ or white women that have weaponized their identities against especially black men who threaten their privilege. These are long-standing entrenched patterns.” What Bolshie doublespeak. Complete and utter bosh coming from, by her own warped sensibilities, of course, a white woman.

But white women are all not like that. Some are lovely, articulate, and conservative. I asked two in that league to respond to the virago above.

Former CIA officer Shelly Mateer: “Imagine my surprise to hear that white women voted in high numbers for Trump. And, that according to MSNBC, ‘white’ women are ‘the problem’. I was sincerely dumbfounded by this statistic (if it’s true, which of course is the question we should all be asking of ANY news source these days). All of the ‘white’ women I know, in the past four years, have either canceled, blocked or downright attacked me verbally. I’ve been deemed ‘intolerant’. Keep in mind these are all white, suburban women with no children. Perhaps the disconnect may be that the people who can actually understand how important certain things like freedom are, are the people with children – the people who have some sort of stake in the future of the United States. If you do not have children, and you continue to promote policies that remove freedoms and the ability to make a living, YOU are the problem, and you should be removed from the conversation. And that’s one ‘white’ woman’s perspective.”

Another of the species, this woman is a wife and mother of four in New York state. She is a highly regarded professional and asked for anonymity: “As a ‘suburban white woman,’ a working professional, a wife, and a mother of four, I take exception to the way a recent MSNBC segment attacked white women in this country who voted for President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. I have no interest in what they keep calling ‘white supremacy’—and it’s wrong and misguided for them to assume that I do, and further, to name-call when they don’t appear to have a clue who I am or what I care about. I do have an interest in keeping this country as strong as it can be for my children, their children, and forever after—and as an American, I’m free to cast a vote for the candidate I feel is best to guide this nation. In my view, that person was President Donald Trump, because of his pro-America, pro-growth, pro-freedom, pro-family policies for all Americans. The so-called ‘tolerant left’ continues to show the rest of the country that it is not tolerant at all of viewpoints that don’t exactly match their own. They need to examine their own words and actions—rather than point fingers at those who don’t see the world the way they do. Do they really think they know all about me? Not a chance. My husband is Latino, some of my closest friends are of mixed race, and I believe all legal Americans are entitled to pursue their dreams here, in the best country on the face of the earth. When such people as those on MSNBC continually try to put down other Americans, what they really end up doing is lowering themselves.” Well said ladies.