House Financial Services chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) spoke out on Thursday to celebrate the alleged victory of Joe Biden in the presidential race, ominously saying that it is the “dawn of a new progressive America.”

“On November 3, American decisively rejected President Trump his harmful policies and his dangerous rhetoric. The American people have given President-elect Joe Biden a mandate to reverse the harmful policies of the Trump administration,” Waters said at a hearing with Trump appointees to various financial agencies and institutions.

“It is clear that America wants an economic system that works for them and not against them. I was inspired by the words of President-Elect Biden on how he wants to unify the country,” she added. “As ever, I stand ready to work with members on both sides of the aisle and to incoming Biden administration on reforming our financial system so that consumers and investors have the protections they need.”

Not stopping there, Waters doubled down on a warning about what things will look like in a Biden presidency.

“President-elect Biden has already begun the work of building a future for our nation. Monday, we established a coronavirus task force showing how fiercely he is working on this virus,” the Democratic congresswoman said. “I am putting witnesses on notice that I will be working with the Biden administration to rollback these rules. These financial regulations and the approach to diversity and inclusion in this country, they are going to change for the better.”

“With the historic election of this country’s first woman and person of color to serve as vice president, it is already changing for the better and under my leadership the committee has led the way on diversity and inclusion,” Waters concluded. “We are emerging from the dark days of the Trump administration into the dawn of a new progressive America, where pro-consumer and pro-investor policies will always be first on the agenda.”

It should be noted that while various media outlets have called the race for Biden, he has yet to be declared the official winner. President Donald Trump has also filed lawsuits in various states that he says will expose mass voter fraud, so despite what Waters said, many would argue that this race is far from over.