We’ve become all too well aware of a living, fire-breathing—lying—deep state that metastasized throughout the federal bureaucracy during the Obama/Biden administration (and to a lesser degree, before that) and which continues to this day.

There are so many examples of corruption from the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, to the Intel agencies spying on American citizens, to an acting attorney general who refused to obey President Trump’s orders, to the recent case of unelected bureaucrats lying to the Commander-in-Chief about troop levels in Syria, the American people have good reason not to trust almost any government agency.

The misleading of the commander-in-chief about troop deployment is particularly troubling for obvious reasons. Becket Adams opined at the Washington Examiner, “President Trump in 2018 ordered the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, declaring, ‘We have won against ISIS.’”

Adams also writes, “Unelected federal officials decided they knew better.” Adams says they undermined Trump by getting him to agree to leave a small force in Syria and then they “misled” the President about the size of the force left behind. This was according to the U.S. special envoy for Syria, Ambassador Jim Jeffery. Jeffery said, “What Syria withdrawal?” We don’t have to wonder why President Trump recently fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, do we?

This “soft sedition” (against the Constitution) is embedded in many federal agencies, such as the CDC’s refusing to follow the President’s orders to cease indoctrinating government employees in critical race theory. This is something author and documentary filmmaker Chris Rufo has been hard after and achieving some success. Will Rufo find similar success if the Democrats are successful in stealing this election? Not likely.

In 2014, NOAA joined in, accused of fudging its data in an effort to support and promote global warming or climate change. The New American reported that according to Steven Goddard at Real Science, NOAA “turn[ed] a 90 year cooling trend into a warming trend.” Some blamed this on a “software bug,” but, again, that was yet another “error” that went only one way: it helped the leftist cause of global warming/climate change and hurt science-based skeptics.

This impertinence and contempt for the American system of government runs rampant throughout a government strewn with unelected leftist, activist bureaucrats who believe they have the authority to overrule and otherwise subvert the President of the United States.

So, especially as a law enforcement professional, it’s been demoralizing, learning the FBI is among these defiant agencies. Just the fact the FBI has had Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop for a year or more, doing nothing with it, and their lack of interest in investigating potential criminal activity in the recent presidential election, would be enough to call the agency into question. However, along with the big stuff, it seems they may even be engaged in manipulating crime statistic data involving firearms-related offenses for political purposes. Again, you be the judge.

In addition to the FBI’s dubious behaviors under James Comey (and, it seems, Christopher Wray), and up to this day, it appears the agency is misreporting information related to active shooter incidents. If this were a case of simple errors, that could be understood. But, again, like the current election fraud investigation, the “errors” appear to hurt the Right and help the Left. Similarly, the information the FBI is apparently leaving out of the data hurts gun rights proponents and helps gun rights opponents.

The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) headed by More Guns, Less Crime author, Dr. John Lott, reported, “The FBI claims that there were 27 active shooting cases in 2018 and 28 cases in 2019, but they have missed at least seven cases, with at least six cases where a concealed handgun permit holder stopped the attack.” Why leave these cases out? Perhaps because the data is favorable to Second Amendment rights advocates?

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The CPRC asserts in 2018 and 2019, nine individuals authorized to carry concealed firearms stopped 62 active shooter incidents. Additionally, between 2014 and 2019, in 25 cases out of 162, people permitted to carry concealed firearms ended attacks.

However, researchers at the CPRC point out a discrepancy. Instead of 25 out of 162, the FBI reported only nine out of 145 instances “where a civilian used a permitted concealed handgun to stop an attack.” They say this is “statistically significantly different.” It sure is when the FBI reports 6.2 percent when the number should be 15.4 percent—more than double.

Essentially, the CPRC concludes, “The FBI reports keep excluding cases where mass public shootings have been stopped by concealed handgun permit holders. It hardly seems random that the FBI seemed to systematically miss these cases.”

When we cannot trust the data from what has been the premier law enforcement agency on earth, what government agency can we trust? I still believe the vast majority of line FBI special agents and civilian employees are rock-solid American patriots. But where are they in all this? Some good people have to see the corruption, right? Where are the “whistleblowers” protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution against these domestic enemies? And, if there’s a good reason they’re not coming forward, what is it? We know how sinister federal agency leadership has acted, so we can only imagine what they’re doing to keep their folks quiet.

And with the looming onslaught of anti-Second Amendment actions, pro-gun rights advocates can expect if the Democrats are successful in pilfering the presidency, even the seemingly small stuff matters.