Hanson Nails Leftist Attitude To Virus Crisis

It started out as a public health issue. Not anymore.

Wonder why certain states are relaunching lockdowns? It has nothing to do with public health.

Yes, more than several months ago it had everything to do with public health. But not anymore. Now that government has tasted this power, the ability to control a sheep-like population down to their daily habits of living, government likes it too much to give it up..

Governors like Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gavin Newsom of California, and Mike DeWine of Ohio couldn’t give a damn about your health one way or another. But about increasing the power they have over you, businesses, and even places of worship? That, they are very interested in.

On a global scale some people are interested as well. FNC: “Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is holding a global event called the ‘New Economy Forum,’ Laura Ingraham reported on Tuesday, as she warned of an attempt at a worldwide ‘reset’ by elites to install what they see as a more equitable economic system internationally amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“As we meet, governments around the world or mobilizing trillions of dollars to address the economic effects of the pandemic. It’s an unprecedented opportunity not only to repair the damage, but also to address problems that existed before the pandemic hit,’ Bloomberg said at the forum.” Opportunity to a man like Bloomberg means only one thing, the easiest way to increase his power and decrease your liberty. Yes, this Bloomberg. The guy who invests so wisely.

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?


But one commentator sees this psuedoelite sham altruism for what it is. Victor David Hanson has got their number. He mused with Ingraham on the hubbub 12 years ago when Rahm Emmanuel counseled “never let a crisis go to waste.”

VDH: “Twelve years later, everyone from Justin Trudeau in Canada to Gavin Newsom in California, to Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, they are proud of it. They are saying ‘we are going to use this crisis and pushed on your throat something that has no popular support’…Voters this election] were saying we don’t want open borders driving down American wages, we don’t care about the WTO and the W.H.O. And the UN, and we are going to honor the Constitution first, and we don’t think giving these endless concessions to China is going to make them democratic and a world partner — We are not going to deindustrialize the middle west, there’s no reason to do that. We want to save this trillion-dollar energy sector. It’s given us all this freedom in the Middle East. It’s given us jobs. And you know, you don’t have to reset anything.”

Hanson said “globalists suffered a setback when President Trump recalibrated the Republican Party and retooled the labor market in the working-class citizen’s favor.”

And about the credibility of Mike Bloomberg in setting a global agenda? “This is a guy, Michael Bloomberg, who said ‘you drop a seed and it’s really easy to farm’. You put him on a tractor, he would crash into the wall. He doesn’t know anything about the practical lives of millions of Americans. It’s pathetic. It really is.”

David Kamioner
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