Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently announced new COVID-19 lockdown measures that would “temporarily halt in-person instruction at high schools and colleges, dine-in service at restaurants and bars, and high school athletics as well as close some businesses, including movie theaters, bowling alleys and casinos.”

Now, Whitmer is speaking out to effectively blame President Donald Trump for this, saying that he’s the reason she’s had to be so strict and aggressive with her coronavirus lockdown restrictions. In Whitmer’s mind, she’s only had to do this because of the lack of Trump taking action to combat COVID-19 on a national level.

“First, let me say, you know, the restaurant industry has really had a tough year because of COVID because there’s not been a national strategy and we have seen COVID just explode across the country in waves,” Whitmer said while appearing on CNN. “This is really driven by our epidemiologists and our public health experts that tell us it’s inherently dangerous with the kind of community spread that we have all across Michigan and all across the Midwest and, frankly, all across the country.”

“The inherently dangerous situations are when you are inside with people from a different household or many different households for a prolonged period of time with masks off,” she added. “That’s what happens in restaurants, and that’s why it’s really going to be critical that the feds get their act together and give us some stimulus support for these small businesses, for these restaurant workers.”

Whitmer went on to say that while she sympathizes with business owners who will be hurt by what she is doing, she feels it is necessary.

“I have incredible empathy for what [small businesses are] struggling with, and yet we have to follow the epidemiology, the public health experts and make decisions that combat the spread before our hospitals get overwhelmed and before we hit 1,000 deaths a week in Michigan because that’s what the modeling is telling us where we’re headed right now,” she said.

Whitmer has become infamous for enacting some of the strictest coronavirus restrictions in the country from the very beginning of this pandemic. The fact that she’s now blaming Trump for this and trying to use him as a scapegoat is nothing short of ridiculous.