Now that Donald Trump will be out of the presidency for four years, the European slackers who refuse to pay for their own defense, relying on American taxpayers to do it for them, are now barking at the door of the incoming Biden administration.

As Trump finally made them invest in their own security, they are confident Biden will restore the trough they have supped at since 1945. And until 1991, it was legitimate, as the Soviets posed a threat to the Free World. But in 1991 we won the Cold War, a war that I served in under NATO command. So, what’s the bloody use of propping up NATO against a non-existent enemy? Do we still have Union troops in Charleston? Is the USS Missouri still weighing anchor in Tokyo Bay? Then why are we carrying these geopolitical deadbeats? The president knows the score.


As such, they are reading the tea leaves and making tough noises. Translation? “We understand how important America is to our…wallet…er…um…defense. But we’d also like to spend $500 billion on a solid gold junior high school for our lesbian Inuit citizens. Will you still pay for our Army?”

Newsmax: “Germany’s defense minister said Tuesday that Europe must do more for its own protection, even as it seeks to ensure that the United States remains vested in the continent’s security interests. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told students at a German military university in Hamburg that Europe must accept the paradox that it remains dependent on the U.S. for its security even as it aims to do more to stand on its own legs.”

She opined, “The idea of Europe’s strategic autonomy goes too far if it feeds the illusion that we can ensure security, stability and prosperity in Europe without NATO and without the U.S.”

On actually ponying up more for their own military, “That’s something completely different than to believe that a European army, however it’s composed or set up, could replace America and keep America completely out of Europe.” Yup, they want cash, troops, and equipment from us so they won’t have to buy it. To turn around an old political phrase, we pay for the guns, they get the butter.

The French were a bit better, “The United States will only respect us as allies if we are earnest, and if we are sovereign with respect to our defense,” French President Emmanuel Macron told the magazine Le Grand Continent.

As the current American president understands, the American armed forces have a primary mission of defending American interests. Are those interests global? Yes. But where there is no discernible enemy threat resources and personnel should be allocated for other operations. For us, that should be the Pacific, as China is making her move there. Iran should also be on our list, as energy and allied issues are at play. But Europe? As the entire Russian Army at the present couldn’t take an infantry company of the Ohio National Guard, probably men and material are better spent elsewhere.