Ivanka Trump, who was married to Donald Trump for fifteen years and is the mother of his oldest three children, has spoken out to say that the president will not be giving up when it comes to this election.

After various media outlets reported that Joe Biden was the winner of the presidential election over the weekend, Trump has refused to backdown and is preparing to take the election to the courts, where he believes he will expose voter fraud.

“He’s not a good loser,” Ivana told People Magazine of the president. “He doesn’t like to lose, so he’s going to fight and fight and fight.”

Ivana said that her three children with Trump – Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric – are all doing “fine.” That being said, as their mother she added that she’s ready to see them move on from this chapter in their lives and get out of Washington D.C.

“I just want them to be able to live their normal lives — normal lives,” Ivana said. “Not the Washington life and all that, just in New York or wherever they’re going to be and just live their normal lives.”

“I think they enjoyed being around Donald and running the election and seeing what will happen, but now it is — thank god — over,” she added. “I’m not really sure what they are going to be up to.”

As for President Trump himself, Ivana thinks he will likely be done with politics forever if he loses, despite speculation that he may run again in 2024.

“I don’t think he has a choice,” Ivana explained. “He’s going to go down to Palm Beach and play golf and live the normal life, I think. This is the best choice for what he can do.”

“He has to go and declare that he lost. But he hates to be a loser, that I’m sure of,” she added. “But if he loses, he loses. He has plenty of money, places to go and live in and enjoy his life.”