CNN host Don Lemon took to social media to whine about “how difficult it’s been as a journalist” to cover America under President Donald Trump, but it didn’t take long for this to blow up in his face, as he was soon hit with tons of backlash.

“I don’t dare speak [for] my colleagues, but I can’t tell you how difficult it’s been as a journalist to cover this dark part of our history,” Lemon wrote on Twitter. “Let’s hope the attacks on journalists, journalism and EVERYONE end. Time to move into the light. #america.”

Social media users, however, were not having any of it.

“Oh you poor thing. Let me forward your tweet to some of my buddies overseas so they can send you some flowers,” tweeted Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX). National Review senior writer David Harsany fired back at Lemon by writing, “Don’t worry, you’re not a journalist.”

“You put on make up and read glass on TV for a living, dude. And you are very well paid to do it,” Outkick founder and radio host Clay Travis tweeted. “Your job is not remotely difficult. Never has been. Never will be. No matter who the president is.”

Lemon is arguably one of the most anti-Trump figures on CNN, which is saying a lot given how much the president is hated by virtually everyone on the network. Lemon often calls the president “racist,” and just last week, he compared Trump supporters to drug addicts who “have to hit rock bottom” in order to get help. He even said that he’s felt the need to “get rid of” friends simply because they supported President Trump.

“I had to get rid of them because they’re too far gone,” said Lemon. “I try and I try and I try, they say something really stupid and then I’ll show them the science and I’ll give them the information, and they still repeat those talking points.”