When Winston Churchill was up against a strategic wall after the fall of France, he came up with the concept of the Special Operations Executive. SOE had a commando mission of working behind enemy lines with partisan and resistance groups to “set Europe ablaze.”


The Republican Party and conservative forces need our own SOE. The Democrats have one and it was pretty effective this last election cycle. Oh, get off your high horse and admit it: They outplayed us. However, they still have areas of political vulnerability we can exploit to make their time in the White House, if it comes to that, painful indeed. I mean, we have a lot sneaky, vicious, lying little sh**s working for us in campaigns, I used to be one. So we have the personnel already in place to strike.

Now, I don’t mean to say or imply we should do in Democrat areas what SOE did to say, Heydrich, in Czechoslovakia. Or even something approximating the ubercool scene in “The Great Escape” when Sedgwick gets a phone call at a French cafe. What I am saying is that we put teams of agitprop and ballot action types in swing districts and Democrat safe areas and create political trouble. Lots of political trouble. Here’s how we hit them.

Attack mode- It’s always easier to attack than defend. The guys on defense have to react to your initiatives. We’ve been on defense for four years and I hope we get the chance to stay on it. But if we don’t then our communication tactics must mirror and improve upon the Alice in Wonderland tactics the Democrats use well. So, we may need to start talking about the Biden Depression, the Biden Surrender to China, and the Biden War on Families whether they happen or not. They probably will. But either way, that shouldn’t stop us. We’ve got to stop bringing commo knives to gun fights. That’s one way how.

In Congress- Constant harassment. In the House we need to use every trick in the book to hold up their bills. When we’re legitimately accused of it, we need to respond that they are to blame because of (fill in ridiculous reason here). We say what hurts them, not necessarily what comports with reality, just as they have done for the last four years. In the Senate, we’ll hold it, it’s neverending probes and investigation into everything they do. Why? To “end approaching fascism, stop Biden the dictator, and to save democracy.” No let up. None. Drag their commie asses before committes so much they can’t do their jobs. Then blame it on them. This is just a taste of what we must do to win on a modern political battlefield. This is where we are and what we need to execute to stop the socialist takeover of America. Welcome to the Thunderdome.