CNN’s Anderson Cooper Says Trump Press Conference Looked Like An ‘Obese Turtle On His Back Flailing In The Hot Sun’

After President Trump's press conference, CNN's Anderson Cooper said it was like watching “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun

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After President Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday, CNN’s Anderson Cooper said it was like watching “an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.”

At the press conference, President Trump explained his position on the unfolding presidential election results.

The President described his campaign team’s lawsuits over the ballot counting in several states, and made allegations of fraud and corruption.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper Scolds Republicans For Not Standing Up To Trump

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“Democrat officials never believed they could win this election honestly,” President Trump told the nation.

“I really believe that that’s why they did the mail-in ballots, where there is tremendous corruption and fraud going on.”

“If you count the legal votes, I easily win,” Trump declared. “If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us.”

CNN’s anchors went in on the President. They seemed to be incensed that President Trump hasn’t conceded the election.

CNN’s Jake Tapper scolded GOP leaders after the President’s press conference, “It’s time for some Republican lawmakers to find their spine and talk to the president about what he needs to do for the good of the country.”

Anderson Cooper said next, “Jake, thanks very much. We have never seen really other than —I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this from a president of the United States, and I think as Jake said, it’s sad and it is truly pathetic, and of course, it is dangerous and of course it will go to court.”

You can watch Trump’s press conference here:

Anderson Cooper: Trump ‘An Obese Turtle On His Back’

Cooper said Trump was just shooting his mouth off and had no actual evidence for his charges.

“You’ll notice the president did not have any evidence presented at all,” Cooper said.

“Nothing, no real, actual evidence of any kind of fraud, talked about people putting up papers in windows. He talked about things that he’d seen on the internet.”

That’s when Cooper got personal with the President.

“That is the president of the United States,” the CNN anchor said.

“That is the most powerful person in the world and we see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time is over, but he just hasn’t accepted it and he wants to take everybody down with him including this country.”

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Through the evening Wolf Blitzer and other CNN personalities would continue to criticize President Trump specifically for his words at Thursday’s press conference.

None of them bothered to ask – could he be right?

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