After we eat, drink, watch football, drink, and then nap on Thanksgiving Day, it may be time to take stock of what we owe, as a country, to President Trump.


His administration restored our respect among nations, he ushered in the greatest economy in American history, he fought for the average worker and traditional values, and he took a ton of abuse for doing it.

No, as opposed to certain things I’ve seen on social media, he shouldn’t be deified. He’s a man with all the faults of a man. He’s touchy, picks needless fights, and can hold slights and grudges to a serious degree. But we don’t, and shouldn’t, elect moral exemplars to the presidency. We elect national CEOs. A babe in the woods innocent hayseed in the office, remember Jimmy Carter, is taken advantage of quickly by the Washington shark tank. The best person to have in the Oval Office is the biggest shark, generally one who agrees with your point of view.

Because what we should be interested in from a president is results, nothing else. A president is not a bestie, or a teacher, or a preacher. Those looking for such in the kind of politician who can make it that high will always be sorely disappointed. I’m not saying Ming the Merciless would be a great chief executive. Nah, I’d want him over at OMB.

The reason Trump deserves our thanks is that he never had to do it in the first place. He has his billions, a great family, and great homes. He had conquered more than one profession and endeavor. Why did he want to voluntarily put himself at the mercy of lowlifes from both parties, from RINOs and goosesteping Democrats? Perhaps, because he loves this country and can see with a sharp eye that the basis for its success is being sacrificed on the altar of authoritarian socialism.

You may recall, his 2016 race wasn’t easy and the biggest reason he got elected and inaugurated is that through hubris the Democrats were caught sleeping. Didn’t happen this time. They threw every vicious line, every lying canard, every false charge, and every bit of corruption they could muster from their dark twisted psyches at the man and they still couldn’t fairly beat him. But alas, if only politics was about fairness.

The first lady and their family took it too. They fought back for the president just as hard. And not only that, but Melania Trump restored beauty, grace, and intelligence to a position that had been sullied by her predecessor. We owe Mrs. Trump a debt of gratitude as well. So stop on your Thanksgiving Day for a bit and say a small prayer for the president and the wonderful things he has done for America and the world. Hopefully, after this four year interim, he can do more.