The X chromosomes of the Schwandts in Lakeview Michigan seemed to be very elusive after almost three decades. 

But after years and years and years of practicing, about 28 to be exact, Jay Schwandt and his wife Kateri finally welcomed a girl into their family after having 14 boys who range in age from 2 to 28 years old.

Maggie Jayne was born on Thursday to large admiring family of mostly men (even the dog Boomer is a guy!)

Her older brothers include Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, Francisco and Finley.

Their newly debuted TV show called “14 Outdoorsmen” on MyOutdoorTV might require a name change in the future – maybe to “14 Outdoorsmen and a Chick” or “14 Outdoorsmen and a Little Lady.” 


The TV show highlights outdoorsy boy stuff – hunting, fishing, camping, climbing trees and bug collecting. 

But as we have learned from the show “Duck Dynasty” these fun things aren’t just limited to the male species. Even when the girls don’t necessarily want to clean a fish, grandpa Phil makes sure they know how – and he wants their boyfriends to know how too. 

They’ve also gotten used to eating things like frog legs and other delicacies. These are all things that I am sure Maggie Jayne’s brothers will teach her all about.

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

Three decades of a household dominated by Schwandt testosterone is now changed forever with a little girl to love, dote on and protect.

But good luck to any guy who wants to date Maggie in the future. 

They will have a dad and 14 older brothers interrogating them when they show up to the house.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on November 25, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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