Between 1964 and 1971 there were 750 major riots in this nation. Since late spring of this year America has undergone dozens, at least, of major riots with no end in sight. Are we in the midst of such a multiyear spiral now? Wisconsin suggests we may be.

OAN: “In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin police are speaking out after three consecutive nights of protests and riots in the city. According to police, they responded to ‘broken windows at businesses and bricks thrown into the windows of homes’ on night one. Stores in Milwaukee were looted, while ‘rocks, bricks and bottles were thrown at law enforcement officers.’ ”

Hollywood has gotten involved, as singer Jay Z has paid the legal bills of some of the rioters. Apparently Mr. Z condones violence and destruction on a large scale. “Our hearts break for the family of Alvin Cole and the Wauwatosa community,” said a Z spox in a statement. “Not only did the District Attorney’s Office fail to hold Officer Joseph Mensah accountable for killing Alvin, but the local police also arrested and injured Alvin’s mother Tracy and his sisters as they peacefully protested alongside Jacob Blake’s father. We will continue to stand with these families and support the peaceful protestors as we collectively fight for the legacies of Alvin Cole, Jay Anderson and Anthony Gonzales, who all died at the hands of Mensah. It’s imperative that Governor Evers appoint a special prosecutor to immediately rectify this miscarriage of justice.” The same old words. The cop is automatically guilty and anyone else involved are angels. Uh huh. Right.

When asked whether the protests should have remained peaceful or not, Tracy Cole said, “it is what it is. They’re tired of the system and they’re tired of police brutality.”

It’s hard to know where to start with this type of thinking. The stark acceptance of violence in pursuit of political goals and the exchanging of anecdotal for empirical evidence when it comes to law enforcement policy is not indicative of a responsible or adult mindset when addressing this issue.

Of course, the rioters will claim the moral high ground and insist they are peaceful. In response to that the Wauwatosa police department posted video of an arrest on Saturday, which showed one rioter carrying a bottle of lighter fluid. This was after local leftist and radical groups claimed all protests were peaceful.

This has gone past even rioting and is a sustained assault on our cities and our law enforcement personnel. And once we establish this precedent, that every time a police officer shoots a leftist-approved victim it gives carte blanche to the Left to burn, loot, and destroy, we cede control of our cities and public safety to groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.