WATCH: Feinstein Thanks Graham… Democrats Want Her Out

As the conclusion to the Barrett hearings is nearing, both sides of the aisle are having a chance to speak their minds. Recently, Senate Judiciary Committee Democrat Dianne Feinstein had the chance to take over the floor and give a few words. Instead of the usual attack on the President and the Republicans, Feinstein opted to thank the opposing party and even Senator Graham himself. Now, a leftist’s group is calling for the Feinstein to step down over the nice words she said about the Republicans.

Before we get into the group that is literally head hunting for Feinstein’s job, take a look at the clip below of what she said to Lindsey Graham. What you will see are two people being both polite and professional. Graham even states that he doesn’t feel that any of the questions were meant to attack Barrett personally and thanks them for that.

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The group behind the attacks is called Demand Justice. Their passion is to reshape Washington as a whole, starting with the Senate. This liberal group released a plethora of tweets calling for Feinstein to step down. When asked why – they responded simply because she gave credit to the Republican party.

The tweet reads, “We launched this ad calling on Sen. Feinstein to fight like everything is on the line — because it is. She didn’t. We’re calling on her to step down as the leader of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.”

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What exactly are they fighting for? On one side you have the constitution which gives the President power to elect a Supreme Court Justice when a seat is vacant. And on the other you have a bunch of crying liberals and Democrats not happy that President Trump has elected two justices, one being Brett Kavanaugh.

While some might believe this is nothing more than a joke, the organization’s executive director Brian Fallon, who was also press secretary for Hillary Clinton, can’t believe the video he saw of Feinstein thanking the Republicans. He said, “Keeping Feinstein as the top Democrat on Judiciary Committee is a monument to our side’s weakness on the fight for the courts.”

It didn’t stop there as Fallon went on to say that Feinstein “has undercut Democrats’ position at every step of this process, from undermining calls for filibuster and court reform, straight through to thanking Republicans for the most egregious partisan power grab in the modern history of the Supreme Court.”

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While the calls for Feinstein’s removal will most definitely fall on deaf ears, it is an insight into how the Democrats work. Even when there is good being down and the country is thriving, they still want to fight. There is no common ground with the left, just their side and… that’s it.


This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 17, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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