WATCH: Cuomo Cited For Not Wearing A Mask

Throughout COVID-19, the Democrats have used the unknown virus to attack the very freedoms of the American people. Churches struggle to keep their doors open as the Democrats blame them for a surge in the coronavirus. At the same time, the Democrats go to get haircuts, play tennis, and even interact without wearing a single mask. Living in their double standard is none other than CNN analysts Chris Cuomo.

While on his primetime show, Cuomo preaches that we should stay indoors, practice social distancing, and whatever we do – don’t go to church or sporting events. Yet it is completely all right for thousands of people to gather as long as it is in the name of Black Lives Matter. Still, Cuomo repeats the number of causalities from the virus like it’s a badge of some sort, but when there aren’t cameras around – Cuomo is much different.

The video below shows Cuomo saying his usual rhetoric of “Wear the damn mask!”, but in a report first released by Fox News, Cuomo’s Manhattan apartment building sent him a letter for guess what – NOT wearing a mask. That’s right, the man who has been yelling and crying about COVID-19 since it was first announced secretly doesn’t even practice what he preaches.

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The letter states, “You have been observed entering and exiting the building and riding the elevator without the required face coverings. Even though staff members have asked you to comply with this requirement, you have refused to do so. This is a violation of the Executive Order, building policy, and places other residents and our staff at risk. There are no exceptions to this rule, and you are required to comply.”

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

Shutting down the CNN host, the apartment even threatens to take legal action against Cuomo in the form of a $500 fine. It’s surprising that Cuomo wouldn’t be wearing a mask since he is not only an advocate but a victim of COVID-19. It appears when the lights and cameras are off, Cuomo is secretly putting other people’s lives in danger because he wants to be comfortable while walking around his apartment complex.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 27, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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