They’re at War with Us, But Are We at War with Them?

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What happens when someone is at war with you, but you are not at war with them? They have a huge advantage, don’t they? How could they not?

I remember back to the Tea Party‘s inception in 2009. My wife and I attended one of the first rallies held in Seattle. We’d never attended a political rally.

A woman there, a realtor, looked as uncomfortable as we must have. After all, we weren’t like the leftist activists; we had obligations associated with living a responsible life. We talked about the conservatives finally getting off the couch and into the streets: we joked about conservatives normally expressing political discontent by writing a “strongly worded letter.” Today, conservatives, libertarians, Republicans—sane Democrats—need to do more.

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Here are only a few of the leftists’ battlefronts:

One front is when the Left attempts to demonize and dehumanize the Right by erroneously comparing/conflating conservatives/Republicans with Nazis/white supremacists. But radical organizations, such as the Democratic Party-supported Black Lives Matter, are actually self-admitted Marxists.

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

Describing another front, Chris Rufo, editor at City Journal, broke the story about King County, Washington government forcing social justice indoctrination and racial segregation on its employees in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Americans have learned and continue to learn that top leftist officials at federal Intel and law enforcement agencies are complicit in spying on citizens and using their awesome authority to first prevent and then attempt to bring down a presidential administration.

On another (CCP-like) front, KTTH Radio host Todd Herman reported on a retired couple who allegedly removed a Black Lives Matter (BLM) sign from a public right-of-way in San Juan County, Washington. The extremely left-wing prosecutor, Randy Gaylord, is charging them with Malicious Misdemeanor 3rd Degree. This is a crime almost never prosecuted in much of Washington State. A state where leftist prosecutors have routinely failed to prosecute violent rioters and looters.

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Glenn Morgan, at We the Governed, reported the real story is the plea bargain. In lieu of prosecution, Gaylord wants the couple to agree to submit to leftist social justice indoctrination. Their attorney, Nick Power, a Democrat (who says he has a BLM sign in his yard), said Gaylord wants the couple to agree to take one of three college-level courses on “racial justice,” or he will prosecute them. These include at least one course that endorses “defunding the police.”

And, radicals, with the help of groups like the ACLU, are filing myriad lawsuits against all manner of police uses of force—even if they are critical to public safety, officer safety, and are necessary to restore the public peace. They are trying to sue police crowd control tactics and tools into oblivion.

For example, Left-wing activists filed 13,000 complaints against police officers for allegedly using force during a riot: pepper-spraying a little boy. Investigations found this did not happen, however, the police department had to waste a massive amount of time on the deluge of fraudulent complaints.

Not happy with harassing, doxing, and persecuting police officers, the Left now goes after police unions. Not a big union guy, myself, I understand that being in an occupation that cannot, by law, strike (and doesn’t strike, unlike leftist teachers unions for which it is also illegal but often strike), needs a union to have any chance of fair treatment, especially in hostile jurisdictions.

But a battlefront against police officers and police unions are not enough either. Now, the Left is also attacking police foundations. These are private, charitable groups that exist to provide police departments with financial, material, and moral support. Many provide meals at holidays, sponsor fundraisers, and provide equipment that an agency’s budget cannot afford. For example, providing eye protection to officers for use against the industrial lasers Antifa and BLM now use to blind cops.

And let’s not forget social media censorship: banning legitimate scientific debate about the CCP virus, banning or throttling conservative/libertarian/Republican and off-the-reservation Democrats, and denying police officers access to online funding sites.

Then there’s U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a former Democratic Party presidential candidate who is suing Google. Gabbard’s website asserts, “Tulsi was the most searched candidate on Google [right after the first Democratic Presidential debate]. Then, without any explanation, Google suspended Tulsi’s Google ads account.” Gabbard says Google unsuspended her account right after the search spike for her name subsided.

This isn’t even close to an exhaustive list of the tactics the Left is deploying against the Right, civil society, and traditional America. We must let go of our instinct to think the best of people regarding this insurrection—this war (people are being injured and killed) or to write it off to ignorance. These domestic terrorists and tyrants are using any and all means to stop reasonable Americans from maintaining (in some places, reclaiming) what the founders risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to hand down to us.

Our founders and many American patriots risked everything for this dream, this experiment in limited self-government, individual freedom, and liberty that has changed the world for the better. But today, many patriots who support a traditional America, hesitate (for legitimate reasons) to wear a political hat or t-shirt, put a sign in their yard, or place a bumper sticker on their car. But, don’t we have to ask if we will be the generation that loses traditional America?

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Steve Pomper is a retired Seattle police officer. He's served as a field training officer and on the East Precinct Community Police Team. He's the author of four books, including "De-Policing America: A Street Cop's View of the Anti-Police State." He's also a contributor to the National Police Association.

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