Sean Penn Offers To Retest Trump To See If He Really Has Virus

Hollywood star Sean Penn became the latest prominent liberal to question if Donald Trump is lying about his COVID-19 diagnosis over the weekend, offering to personally send in a medical professional to “verify” the president’s positive diagnosis.

Despite the fact that Trump was Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. on Friday one day after he announced he had tested positive, Penn was still not convinced that the president was telling the truth. The actor offered to send in a staffer from his global response organization CORE, which is currently carrying out mass COVID-19 testing.

“As there are skeptics, on behalf of @CoreResponse, I have reached out to @WhiteHouse to offer a CORE staffer from our D.C. ops to independently re-test the president & verify his COVID-19 status as legit & not a political sympathy ploy,” Penn wrote on Twitter.

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Penn also claimed that Trump is at a higher risk of complications coronavirus because of his weight and age. Despite this, however, Penn believes Trump has a better chance of survival than the average American does because of his access to healthcare.

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“Like so many other vulnerable Americans, the president is obese and on the older side,” Penn wrote. “The fact that he has access to immediate & proper healthcare & that therapeutics have evolved w/ the deaths of 200k citizens gives him a far better chance than they had.”

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While his disdain for Trump was evident, Penn managed to resist actively wishing harm upon the president.

“We don’t want the man to die,” Penn tweeted. “We want him to stand down. To golf & go away. We need an actual leader, not a ‘Dear Leader.’”

This comes after a Morning Consult poll found that forty percent of Democrats were “happy” to learn that Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. Many members of the liberal media struggled to hold themselves back from actively gloating about Trump’s diagnosis, which just goes to show just how low Democrats will go in their hatred for Trump and his supporters.

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