President Trump Destroys Biden’s Energy Deal

Throughout the campaign, Joe Biden has made it a point not to go into too much detail about certain plans of his or his running mate Kamala Harris. Whenever the question would arise, Biden would simply reach out to America and try to steal their hearts. Well, thanks to President Donald Trump at the last debate, the American people got a glimpse into what type of country Biden hopes for if elected.

Talking to a packed rally of supporters in Lititz, Pennsylvania, President Trump brought up Biden’s plan to end fracking. He said, “He’s going to ban fracking and deliver an economic death sentence for Pennsylvania, and many other places in our country.”

The president didn’t stop there as he gave the audience an idea of what Pennsylvania would look like if Biden were to win. He told the crowd, “That means no fracking, no natural gas, no jobs, no energy for Pennsylvania families. He will eradicate your energy and send Pennsylvania into a crippling depression.”

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But Joe Biden wasn’t the only target at the rally as President Trump attacked Kamala Harris’s Green New Deal plan. Early in the year, Harris showed her support for AOC’s highly controversial energy deal. Under their watch, Trump said, “No planes, no cars, no cows … they don’t like cattle of any kind. It’s a plan for economic suicide.”

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Wanting the crowd to fully understand what a Biden America would look like, Trump also reiterated, “The Biden energy shutdown would inflict deep pain and misery on Pennsylvania, mass layoffs constant blackouts and brownouts, soaring gas prices, surging energy bills, no air conditioning in the summer, no heat during the winter, and no electricity during peak hours.”

As for the windmills that Biden and Harris are calling for. They want those to be built in countries like China and Germany – NOT in the United States. Wanting to push more and more jobs out of the country, Biden wants nothing more than to cripple the economy and make the American people reliant on their Democratic government. And like President Trump said, to elect Joe Biden would be an “economic death sentence.”

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 27, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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