Pelosi Reacts To Trump’s Diagnosis – Appears To Blame Him For Getting It

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke out on Friday to react to President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, and she appeared to blame him for catching the deadly virus.

Though Pelosi said that Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis was “tragic” and “very sad,” she quickly added that that’s what he gets for “going into crowds unmasked.”

“This is tragic, it’s very sad, but it also is something that again going into crowds unmasked… was a brazen invitation for something like this to happen,” Pelosi said during an interview with MSNBC.

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She added that she is “nonetheless hopeful that it will be a transition to a saner approach to what this virus is all about.”

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President Trump and his wife Melania announced that they had tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday night.

Later in her interview, Pelosi revealed that she got tested for coronavirus after meeting with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, close adviser to Trump, earlier in the week. Mnuchin confirmed today that he tested negative.

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“Out of an abundance of caution I was tested. I don’t have the results yet but hopefully soon,” Pelosi said.

“I have concerns about the test because obviously, the tests that are happening at the White House are not as accurate as they should be,” she continued. “That’s a discussion that we have to have especially when it has led to the exposure of the president of the United States. That should have been avoided.”

The White House has been testing people who come in contact with Trump to ensure his safety and that of his family. However, some feel that the rapid tests with quick turnaround are less accurate than the tests whose results are sent out to labs and take days to come back, according to Fox News.

Pelosi concluded her interview by demanding that Republicans to pass coronavirus relief legislation, adding that Trump’s diagnosis has changed the dynamics of the negotiations.

“None of us is safe,” Pelosi said, “until we are sure that everybody is safe.”

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