Pelosi Claims Dems Have Way To Handle COVID, They Just Need Biden Elected

Nancy Pelosi promised a presidential election win for former Vice President Joe Biden when she said that Democrats are ready to work

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically promised a presidential election win for former Vice President Joe Biden when she said that Democrats are ready to work with him on a transition agenda to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Pelosi also claimed that the Democrats would work to fix the economic fallout and pass an infrastructure agenda.

“I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected president on Tuesday,” Pelosi said. “On Jan. 20, he will be inaugurated president of the United States.”

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“So while we don’t want to be overconfident or assume anything, we have to be ready for how we’re going to go down a different path,” she said.

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Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

Pelosi also added that Democrats have a way to crush the coronavirus —  a science-based approach.

She’s forcing herself to believe her lies

Even when she tries to act confident, she sounds defeated.

For four years, Pelosi threw everything she could think of at the President, and in the end, everything failed. When the President wins reelection on Tuesday, Pelosi and her actions will be just one of many reasons why.

Four years ago, Pelosi was positive that Hillary Clinton was going to win by a landslide. The ordeal so weakened her that she still could not stand up or applause at President Trump’s inauguration.

Nancy’s been wrong about almost everything

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Pelosi’s judgment has been wrong on every issue since she became speaker.

She seemed to believe her best play is to obstruct everything. Pelosi believes negotiation is a weakness, but she fails to appreciate that her “all or nothing” strategy does not work.

The House Speaker would be far more effective by getting the most important things she can bargain for. Any fool can see that something is better than nothing.

The Speaker of the House should have exceptional negotiation skills. Clearly her list of accomplishments during her tenure has not met even a minimum standard.

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Until she puts aside her personal hatred of Trump and Republicans, she will never rise to serve her constituents in a manner that meets a minimum standard.

Her party and her supporters deserve and expect more from the Speaker of the House.

If Nancy cannot be successful in her position, she should step aside and let the party select somebody who can meet party goals and voters’ expectations.

Science-based approach to crush the virus?

Pelosi dropped a nugget during her briefing, declaring how  Democrats had a science-based approach to crush the virus.

That’s amazing! And you held that tidbit for the last 10 months? How quaint.

China sent us an interesting virus this time. It comes with an improved spike making Uncle SARS Classic look obsolete.

It readily recognizes ACE-2 follows Neuropilin-1 directions like a GPS and handles furan to break the spike to act like it had a degree in virology. If you were building a new model car virus in the ’60s, this is a mustang.

And it came with no seatbelts or brakes.

Wuhan’s characteristics mentioned enabling Wuhan to present with a very high R0 (transmission rate) and a very low MID (min infectious dose).

It retained some similarity to Uncle SARS… its main route of transmission is aerosol and nuclei droplets.

It’s is an absolute humidity driven virus, which means it gains in the fall and winter and loses in the spring and summer.

But, Wuhan didn’t behave like flu seasons in the past. Why? The R0 is too high, the MID is too low, and it’s too efficient.

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What does that mean? It cannot be controlled. All mitigations, masks, lockdowns, quarantines, and whatever the left dreams up will not account for the viral loss required in the environment to impact its drive-thru the population.

The best course of action is better therapeutics, vaccines, and compounding infection protections for the elderly and infirmed. Open it all up… there’s your science-based approach.

Beware or Pelosi, her promises, and her science

Democrats will not and would not work with the current administration to help save Americans’ lives, but they will if Joe Biden is elected.

Getting rid of the coronavirus, “based on science?” The science of whom?

Behind the word “science,” there is always a group of people, their knowledge, limitations, contradictions, biology and passions, biases, and interests. There is no such thing as “science.”

Today, the word is used with the same dogmatic authority as the word “God” up until a while ago. Be aware of people who speak in the name of “science.”


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