Navy SEAL Van Orden Smart Money In Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District

Derrick Van Orden will be a credit to Wisconsin.

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We have a lot of respect for the voters of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. They had the sense to nominate Derrick Van Orden as the Republican candidate for Congress. That shows good judgment.

They made the right decisions because Van Orden is the real thing. A working man, a family man, and a former Navy SEAL. But, are you ever really a former SEAL?

As an old Army Intelligence hand, I’ve known my share of men in the special operations community. From Army Special Forces to Navy SEALs and the operators in the other services, they are simply the best our country has to offer.

It takes a lot to make it through the grueling training and even tougher real world service of life in the spec ops community. Derrick Van Orden made that grade and then some. As a SEAL he was a deadly warrior who protected America. As a SEAL medic he has saved lives on and off battlefields. In this election cycle at a campaign event Van Orden gave vital medical aide to someone in serious distress. His training and the inherent call to duty of it has stayed with him.

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Who is he running against? Ron Kind is the very epitome of everything that is wrong with Washington. A long term incumbent of little notice and less influence, Kind is an office holder who plays the game as DC dictates it, as Nancy Pelosi dictates it, and goes along to get along. That’s not leadership. That’s just collecting a paycheck.

Higher taxes? He’s for them. Law and order when it comes to rioting mobs? He won’t strongly denounce them. National security? He’s an Obama Democrat. You get the picture. Kind is more of the same. His type of service is not that of a Navy SEAL. It’s that of a politician and a party that will do anything to get elected.

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

So that’s the choice in front of Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Derrick Van Orden, a man who understands the people of his district because he is one of them. A man who has courageously served country and community and will continue to do both in Congress. Or Ron Kind, the type of politician who is part of the reason we face the challenges as a nation we do today. Politicians like him are far from the solution. In fact, their reelection is part of the problem.

Next Tuesday Wisconsin voters will fix that problem by electing Derrick Van Orden as their U.S. House Representative in the 3rd District. When they do, he’ll bring the same bravery, determination, and integrity to Washington he brought to his service as a Navy SEAL. That’s the kind of leadership Wisconsin and America could use a lot more of.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 29, 2020. It originally appeared in SteveGruber.com and is used by permission.

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