Kim Klacik is a rising Republican star who will lose her race for Congress. It doesn’t matter. I met her briefly at CPAC this last year and she doesn’t strike me as a person who harbors illusions, political or otherwise. Thus she probably knew from the gitgo that she would lose, but become a star in the process. She was right. Kind of like a GOP version of Beto, but with a brain and a future.

Given star status, she has been able to far outraise her Democrat incumbent opponent, Kwesi Mfume.

FNC: “Baltimore congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik reported $6.4 million in fundraising after President Trump shared her viral campaign video, which lambasted Democratic leadership in cities with large African American populations. Since that ad, Klacik has appeared at the Republican National Convention and made multiple appearances on national television. A Federal Election Commission report filed Thursday night showed her raking in $6,445,451 from July 1 through Sept. 30. The Baltimore Sun, which reported on the filing, quoted Klacik as saying: ‘I think we’ve been fortunate with that viral campaign ad that started the whole thing.’ ”

With that presidential endorsement of her career, she will either get a nice slot in a second Trump administration or be backed by Trump for another high GOP slot somewhere in the post-Trump party, which will be a party Trump will still have a lot of say in.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Mfume accused Trump and Klacik of trying to buy the election. “This congressional seat belongs to the people of Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Howard County. Donald Trump and Kim Klacik cannot buy it. They should take their money and greed somewhere else, because we are not for sale. Not now, not ever.”

Of course she is trying to buy the election. So is he. So is anyone running for anything in the United States today. Politics, to mangle Clausewitz, is war by other means. Money is ammo. If you don’t have ammo you can’t shoot and thus can’t win. Ergo…

FNC: “Klacik reported $2.9 million in expenditures, most of which was dedicated to online ads and mailers, as well as $3.6 million in cash on hand. By contrast, Mfume’s cash on hand was reported as $269,342.” That is a serious disadvantage for Mfume. But it is irrelevant. His name recognition and local voter loyalty, which given the economic conditions in the district are insane, will guarantee a win. Though Klacik could pull off up to 40 percent, a serious moral victory. In September 1939 the Polish Army achieved a serious moral victory against the Wehrmacht. And…

Maryland, aside from its Eastern Shore, is deep blue because of Baltimore and the counties close to DC. No amount of star power or money will change that in the foreseeable future. However, it won’t matter to Kim Klacik. She will go on to redder pastures.