Kayleigh McEnany Warns Biden That His Fracking Remarks Will Be ‘Death Knell’ Of His Campaign

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on Tuesday to say that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has “lost” the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania because of comments he made about the oil and fracking industry.

“Oh, no doubt about it, that moment on the debate stage was Joe Biden’s death knell,” McEnany said while appearing on “America’s Newsroom.”

“He looked at the cameras, looked the American public in the eye, and the voters of Pennsylvania, and said ‘I will wreck your economy for generations.’ That is what he was saying when he vowed to ban oil, when he vowed to ban fracking,” McEnany said.

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She went on to point out that in the United States, 25% of fracking is done in Pennsylvania, which is why she firmly believes that Biden “lost” that state “at that moment.”

“I just looked at the numbers, and if you are in Pennsylvania, if you are sitting there right now, his vow to end fracking, which 25% of fracking is done in Pennsylvania, would cost 609,000 jobs, raise the cost of living for everyone by $5,000,” she added. “That is what Joe Biden would do this country, and that’s just on the issue of fracking. He lost Pennsylvania in that moment.”

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Biden found himself in hot water in the last debate, when he said that the oil industry “pollutes significantly” and “has to be replaced by renewable energy over time,” according to Fox News. President Donald Trump has since called on voters in Pennsylvania and other states that will be impacted by this to “remember” what Biden said when it comes time to vote.

Biden later tried to backtrack, saying that he did not call for “getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.” Given how neck and neck he is with Trump in Pennsylvania, however, it may be too late for a clarification at this point.

While Biden has a five point lead in Pennsylvania (50-45 percent), this is not outside the margin of error. Trump won this state in the 2016 election by less than one percentage point.

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