John Cusack Compares Trump To Hitler – Says They Have Similar Political Styles

Hollywood star John Cusack, who acted as a surrogate for Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), spoke out this week to compare President Donald Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Showing that his Trump derangement syndrome is as bad as ever, Cusack nonsensically claimed that Trump has a similar political style to Hitler’s.

“Hitler sort of stole from the avant-garde left,” Cusack told the WTF with Marc Maron podcast. “He hated the message of the avant-garde left because it was anti-war, but he understood that politics was the new art and that art and politics were going to be infused. You can see Trump sort of doing the same thing.”

“The first time he tore a child away from their mother’s arms and put them in a cage, this wasn’t a reality TV show anymore. This was real fascism,” Cusack continued.

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This comes after the Say Anything star described Trump as “the anti Christ for dummies.”

“Trump is basically a test run for true evil: the anti christ for dummies,” he tweeted back in August “The gods saying We’re going to give you a version so obvious with such Unimaginable Stupididty & abject cretinism & sloth – to show how decadent & empty yr culture & institutions have become – change.”

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

Back in June, Cusack bizarrely claimed that the military had “abandoned” Trump while also smearing the president’s millions of supporters as “racists.”

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“Trump is playing for an exit strategy—that keeps him from jail- miltary [sic] has abandoned his fascism—all he’s got left is rascists [sic]- He wants something to leverage – to stay out of jail,” Cusack said.

Cusack is not above insulting President Trump for his looks, as that same day, he referred to him as a “bloated punk.”

This just goes to show that Trump derangement syndrome is real, folks, and it’s one of the ugliest things in our country today.

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