CNN host Don Lemon came unglued on his show once again on Wednesday night as he blasted NBC for agreeing to give President Donald Trump a Town Hall on Thursday at the very same time that former Vice President Joe Biden would be holding an event on ABC.

Biden scheduled a Town Hall after the second presidential debate was cancelled when Trump refused to participate in it virtually, a format that had been proposed by the Commission for Presidential Debates. NBC scheduling a Town Hall for Trump tonight means that the president and Biden will be in direct competition for viewers and ratings, something that did not sit well with Lemon.

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“Why on Earth would NBC agree to do that?” a clearly livid Lemon told his fellow CNN host Don Lemon.

“You can do equal time on a different night. You can do equal time at a different time. You don’t have to do it, at the same time, and then divide the country further by having them choose,” Lemon said. “The whole point of it was to bring them together to have a debate.”

Not stopping there, the CNN host lamented that NBC was “rewarding [Trump] with prime time” after he “made all the wrong decisions” throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

“How does that help the American people? How does that inform the electorate, by putting those two people on at the same time and making people choose from one to the other?” Lemon said. “And don’t give me that BS about ‘well, you can tape one.’ That’s not what this is about.”

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“This is an outright embarrassing ratings ploy on behalf of NBC,” he added. “And I am shocked and surprised that they would allow the president of the United States to do their programming and manipulate them into doing this. It is embarrassing.”

Lemon then claimed that he has friends at NBC who are “incredulous” over the situation, but they are staying silent because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

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“I think you should speak out,” he said. “There is no other moment where you have this much leverage, and you are going to be able to tell your bosses what you think is right. There’s no need to do it at the same time. Absolutely, no need. It is absolutely ridiculous, NBC.”

It seems that deep down, Lemon knows that Trump is going to trounce Biden in the ratings tonight, as more people would rather see the president speak than the Democratic candidate.