California Governor Newsom Tells Restaurant Diners To Wear Masks ‘In Between Bites – Gets Ruthlessly Mocked

California’s radically leftwing Governor Gavin Newsom has found himself being relentlessly mocked this week after he told restaurant diners to wear masks “in between bites” to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend?” Newsom tweeted on Saturday. “Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites.”

“Do your part to keep those around you healthy,” the tweet added along with the hashtag, “Slow the Spread”

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Making the tweet even more ridiculous is the contradictory image that accompanies it, as it shows a diner wearing a mask while reading a menu. She then has her mask off while eating, only to have her mask on again after finishing her meal.

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“COVD-19 DINER TIP 1: Minimize the number of times you take your mask off,” the image is titled, which makes it a direct contradiction to Newsom’s suggestion, given the fact taking off your mask and putting it back on between each bite would increase the number of times a diner takes his or her mask off.

Social media users have since had a field day mocking Newsom for this ridiculous post.

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“Should we wash our hands after touching our mask each time we remove it between bites? What if I’m eating chips and salsa and I go for a double dip?” one social media user questioned. “Is that technically two bites since it’s the same chip?”

“What if I take a bite of the chip (first dip) and it gets lodged in my throat and I start choking?” another user added. Should I put the mask on first and then start coughing or would it be OK to try and preserve my life first without the mask?”

A third user brought up the contradictory image.

“The best part is that the text and the image completely contradict each other,” this person pointed out. “How do you limit the number of time you take your mask off, if you take it off for every bite? If you’re taking huge bites and choke, is anyone allowed to do the Heimlich?”

Newsom even managed to turn off some of his own liberal supporters with his ridiculous tweet.

“This embarrasses me, a Californian who voted for Newsom,” another user wrote. “Mask-wearing/social distancing are vital, but this is ridiculous. Touching your mask that frequently is worse. Patio dining, masked servers, masked patrons except when eating/drinking. Take this down & alter the directive.”

Finally, some social media users were just disgusted.

“Is this now a parody account? This advice is absolutely terrible and you should go sit in the corner for an hour and think about your poor choices (and tweets),” a final user noted. “Seriously, this is the official account for the governor of California. My goodness. Get it together please!”

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