It has become redundant to go on about how debate moderators openly work for Democrats, especially after the Scully revelation of yesterday. So we’ll just stipulate to the fact that NBC’s Savanah Guthrie tried awfully to debate the president Thursday night at a Miami NBC town hall broadcast. But that dog didn’t hunt and the president had his rhetorical way with her.


Also, what is it about far left women and that smug smile? Harris displayed it to female voter ire in her debate with, or should I say slaughter by, Mike Pence. Guthrie had it last night in spades, more than not when the president nailed her on a point. I guess it’s the female Bolshevik version of nervous laughter when the world is caving in on them. Or maybe Guthrie was thinking her party sponsors will win the presidency, so this little gabfest didn’t matter. Either way, she came off as a slow-witted junior high school mean girl.

Over on ABC during the same time slot, Joe Biden was getting tossed softballs and was not asked one thing about his meeting with Burisma. What a surprise.

The audience in Miami did seem fairly chosen, but the questions were much too focused on Covid-19. A social media breakout star was an attractive black woman clad in a red top. She nodded vigorously to much of what the president said. Cool.

The president was on offense against Guthrie and he scored repeatedly when her befuddled interrogations went south. She interrupted him constantly. He kept his cool and amusingly condescended to her, at one point replying to a ridiculous Guthrie question with, “Ha ha, so cute.”

The president was very polite with the town hall audience members. One lady, who said she was leaning towards voting for Biden, even said Trump was handsome and had a great smile. In fact, she pretty much had the vapors. Adorable.

Trump dodged a question on the lunatics of QAnon, had his facts ready on Covid-19, and comported himself like the president of the United States. If he had been this poised during the Biden debate he would have gained significantly in the polls. Anyway, he was in top form Thursday night in Miami and left Guthrie looking and sounding in over her head.

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The president needs to take this cool and confident attitude into the final debate with Biden, if there is one. If there isn’t then the situation becomes dire. Yes, he was counted much worse off this time in 2016 and won. But this is different. As a guy who spent twenty years running political campaigns at several levels I can tell you, this is a jump ball. The president can pull it off. But I fear Biden has an advantage only about two weeks out. I really hope I’m wrong.