Those who follow the news see an all pervasive media bias against the president. Even Harvard admits it.


But will they get their way? Will the public follow like sheep after the lead of the effete leftist media? There is a very good chance they will not. The media is regularly labeled the least admired and least credible of American institutions. No wonder, as since 1964 they have been in the tank for every Democrat who ran for president. Here are the times the voting public told them to naff off.

1968- The press had hated Richard Nixon for a long time. Ever since he exposed communists in government in the 1940s and ran against media darling JFK in 1960 they wanted his scalp. Nixon’s brutal paranoia and class resentment fueled the fire on both ends. When he ran in 1968 they trotted out all their ammo, but the media wasn’t crazy about Democrat nominee Hubert Humphrey either. Nixon beat them in 1968 and in 1972 against a media walking wish come true, leftist hippie fellow traveling Democrat George McGovern.

1980- Like 1968, in 1980 the media wasn’t thrilled with Democrat hayseed incumbent Jimmy Carter but was terrified of the potential popularity of Republican Ronald Reagan. So they threw the kitchen sink at Reagan. He was senile, a warmonger, a racist, a sexist, a nuclear cowboy, and an “amiable dunce.” They predicted he would throw the country into depression, start a nuclear war, and crush the Constitution. He beat Carter like a gong and was reelected in 1984 after even worse treatment from the press. He presided over a shining period of American prosperity, strength, renewal, and confidence.

1988- After 8 years of Reagan the liberal media wanted an end to their national nightmare of successful Republican leadership. If George Bush I could be beaten, no price was too great to pay. So they said this WWII Navy pilot, the youngest in naval aviation at the time, was a “wimp.” He was just Reagan’s shadow, they said. He was an out of touch rich guy who was as goofy as he was somehow secretly nefarious, they charged. Bush, with decisive and brilliant help from Republican aces Lee Atwater and Peggy Noonan, proved them wrong and beat bloodless Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis like a dusty rug.

2000- The media loved Al Gore because he was a narcissistic megalomaniacal shill for any passing leftist fad, much like the majority of them. They disdained George Bush II, though they didn’t really hate him until after he was president and dared to defend America after 9-11. So they spread rumors he was a womanizing cokehead who had dodged the draft and was as dumb as a bag of hammers. But enough electoral college votes and the Supreme Court disagreed, kinda, and gave Dubya the win. In 1984 he pulled off a close one against much more vicious media opposition.

You know enough about 2016, so we won’t belabor the point. Can we pull it off in 2020 against the worst media bias in American history? The next fifty days will tell.