With the election looming and COVID-19 still present, many Americans are wondering how they are going to cast their vote this November. While mail-in voting is a topic for heated discussion, an election watchdog group believes there are more pressing matters. A recent study by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) found over 350,000 citizens on voter rolls were, in fact, dead at the time of voting.

Operating out of Indiana, the PILF conducted a survey on voters who have died but could still be on the voter roll. The results were alarming as 51 percent of dead voters were in states like Texas, Michigan, New York, Florida, and California. What is even more alarming is the watchdog group found another staggering 40,000 duplicated voters who most likely voted twice but remember – voter fraud is not a problem.

According to PILF’s communications director Logan Churchwell, election fraud is very real and the best way to avoid it is to vote in person. In an interview, Churchwell said, “Our voter rolls have not, and will not be ready for a mail-focused election this November. State court decisions in swing states allowing for relaxed deadlines, signature verification, and harvesting now sit on a foundation of bad voter data. In Pennsylvania, your mis-delivered ballot to the hands of a bad actor will now have extra time to get turned in and not face the traditional standards for signature verification. The only way to absolutely avoid this nightmare is to vote in person.”

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To further the evidence against voter fraud, PILF also found that in 2016 and 2018 over 15,000 dead registrants somehow managed to crawl from their graves and cast their votes. Now that is some dedication to your party, but why not simply delete the names of the deceased so the mistake won’t happen again? This is where the Democrats enter.

The Democrats don’t want the voter rolls to be tampered with. This means if someone is to die before or after voting, they are to stay on the list. The Democrats believe if the rolls were to be altered, then they would become disenfranchised. So what they are saying is, instead of accidentally taking a few people off the list that should be there, they are just going to keep every name – dead or moved, doesn’t matter.

The topic is so serious to the liberal groups that they have poured over $50 million in favor of mail-in voting. What is interesting about their legal battle is the case is only geared toward battleground states like Florida, Georgia, and Michigan.

While voting is every American’s right and should be easily assessable and understandable, the main priority is safety. Without a true system of voting, the whole process could easily become corrupt as signs of tampering are already appearing.

The banking system is on shaky ground, but Chuck Norris has a plan to protect your wealth ...

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 24, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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