Oregon Governor Finally Takes Stand On Protestors…Conservative Protestors!

Since the killing of George Floyd, nightly protests in places like Chicago and Portland have been all over the news. BLM and Antifa rage through the streets, looting business, killing patrons, and destroying lives in the name of human life. Finally, the Democrat Governor of Oregon Kate Brown is taking a stand against protesting… conservative protesting that is.

Reports show that Brown has ordered state troopers into Portland ahead of a supposed anti-domestic rally put on by a group called the Proud Boys and Patriot’s Prayer. The left often claims the Proud Boys are a group of white supremacists, but one look at their group and a person can see their ranks include Asian, Hispanic, and African American citizens. Still, Brown didn’t care to listen to facts as she also granted troopers to use CS gas for crowd control.

One may not recall but the internet does when Governor Brown called for peaceful resolution when dealing with BLM and Antifa. She literally said, “Whether it’s supporting our law enforcement or issuing a clarion call to ending racism, I ask that everyone do so, and do it peacefully.” She also called for Portland Police to stop using CS gas of BLM protestors.

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Even when Aaron “Jay” Danielson was murdered by protest supporters, Brown stayed silent. She didn’t place the blame in the hands of the shooter. No, she double-downed on her party’s narrative and blamed President Trump for the merciless killing. She said, “I think the challenge that we are facing in this country is that our president, President Trump, is sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and we are seeing these seeds bear fruit in communities around the entire country … it has to end.”

The conservative group Proud Boys and Patriot’s Prayer are scheduled to meet and protests their anti-fascists message. They, like many Americans, believe protestors are tearing apart the country and destroying the foundation of this great nation. While Brown wants people to see these groups as “Hate Groups”, the tweet below is from one of the most recent BLM/Antifa rallies. Brown considers this to be peaceful.

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This isn’t the first-time conservative groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot’s Prayer have met to hold rallies, which have mostly been peaceful. It should be noted that the only time conservative rallies get out of hand is when instigators provoke the groups by yelling, fighting, and destroying property, but Brown doesn’t mention that.

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This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on September 26, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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