Like the JFK assassination and Pearl Harbor for generations before us, most of us in middle age can remember where we were and what we were doing on the morning of September 11, 2001.

I was working for a Pennsylvania newspaper syndicate and was writing a piece for that day. My wife was at work with our daughters, she was a preschool teacher, and I had just gotten off the phone with a source in the state capitol. My wife called me and told me to put on the television, as a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. As I did, the second plane hit. You know what happened after that.

The President Donald Trump understands what happened to America that day.

I wonder, in this day and age, if similar calls have gone out to the owners of small businesses around America. It could be from the police or neighbors or anyone who knew there was a riot the night before. The call told them that perhaps their life dream, their part of the American dream, maybe the only thing that put food on the table for their family, had been burned down or ransacked and looted. Hopefully they had insurance. But that won’t stop the trauma and the painful process of rebuilding, if they can.

Both situations were brought on by forces dedicated to the destruction of this country. The groups who destroyed the Twin Towers and many small businesses —al-Qaeda, Antifa, or Black Lives Matter— evince commonalities. But their greatest point of convergence is a deep and abiding hatred for the United States of America.

Thus those who support Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and who also support their Democrat sponsors, should ask themselves a question: What is the actual difference between the groups when it comes to results? Al-Qaeda brought a great city to its knees. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have done that numerous times. Al-Qaeda took up arms and murdered innocent American citizens. Antifa and Black Lives Matter do that on a regular basis. Al-Qaeda swore an oath of vengeance against the United States for crimes that never happened. Antifa and Black Lives Matter publicly swear to that same oath and its fictitious cause every day of the week.

For those groups the greatest crime is that the United States is a free nation. They target us because they loathe freedom and would do all they can to end it in this country.

So what people who support the Democrats are doing is making virtual common cause with all of these groups. Overtly with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, covertly but just as dangerously with the goals of al-Qaeda. Over the top, you say? Democrats are not al-Qaeda and it’s ridiculous to say so?

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Look at results, look at motivations, look at ideologies as practiced against America, do they seem that different? They aren’t.

They are part of the same sick and twisted vision of America and the world. As we remember 9/11, lest we forget 11/3 is in less than two months and could herald a danger for this country far worse than any attack we’ve ever endured.