Ivanka Trump fires back at Joy Behar: Says she’ll take COVID vaccine on ‘The View’

Earlier today, we reported that Joy Behar had said on “The View” that she will not take a coronavirus vaccine until after White House Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump does. Now, Ivanka is firing back at her.

On Wednesday, Behar dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims that a COVID-19 vaccine is close to being released.

“He will push anything to get reelected. Don’t fall for it,” Behar said. “And by the way, I will take the vaccine after Ivanka takes it.”

Ivanka responded to this on Thursday morning not only by saying that she would gladly take a coronavirus vaccine, but also emphasizing that she would do so on “The View.”

“Deal @JoyVBehar. I would come on your show to do so,” Ivanka wrote on Twitter. “I trust the FDA and so should all Americans. Vanquishing this virus should be our collective top priority.”

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A source with “The View” told Fox News that the ABC talk show would gladly book Ivanka, and that it tried to get her on prior to the start of the season.

President Trump had said on Monday that a vaccine could be ready as soon as next month, and that it would be “very safe and effective.” He also touted the success of the “Operation Warp Speed” program, a public-private partnership that has been tasked with producing a vaccine against COVID-19.

“We are an absolute leader in every way,” Trump said. “Under my leadership, we’ll produce a vaccine in record time.”

Behar, however, said on the show that she would never trust a vaccine that was made ready so quickly.

“As far as the vaccine is concerned, I’d like to inform America, in case we don’t know this because I looked all this up for you, the mumps vaccine took four years, the polio vaccine took 20 years and the smallpox vaccine took a few centuries,” Behar said. “It was developed initially in 1796…and it became useful in the 1950s. OK? It’s not a simple thing to do. He will push anything to get reelected. Don’t fall for it.”

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