Christian Walker, the gay son of NFL legend Herschel Walker, just spoke out to blast Black Lives Matter in a new video, going so far as to call them “domestic terrorists.”

“Anybody who honestly cares about black people could not support Black Lives Matter — it’s a terrorist organization, and personally I think it’s the KKK in blackface,” Walker said in a video posted to social media by the Log Cabin Republicans, which is America’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing the LGBT community.

Walker, who lives in Los Angeles, went on to say that he was at first frightened but then enraged when he saw the violent rioting and looting taking place on the streets of the California city.

“I was on the roof of my building in Los Angeles, and I was looking around town and the whole town was on fire because of radical BLM domestic terrorists,” he said. “There were 12 helicopters in the sky. I was freaking out, and all anyone had to say was, ‘Oh, let me go post a black square on Instagram!’ And I said, ‘Oh, no-no-no, I’m not giving up my country up to the radical left.'”

Walker has been following in his legendary father’s footsteps as an outspoken voice for conservative minorities. Just last month, Herschel gave a stirring speech at the Republican National Convention in support of President Donald Trump.

In the new Log Cabin Republicans video, Christian Walker eviscerated the Black Lives Matter organization, accusing it of using racial division to fuel its anti-American Marxist vision.

“If you go on Black Lives Matter[‘s] website,” Walker said. “They hate Western civilization, they hate our society, and really — to me — they hate black men. They wanna destroy the nuclear family.”

This comes as an increasing number of minorities are starting to see just how much they are being used by the Democratic Party. Young black and gay voices like Walker’s are crucial in showing minorities that they don’t actually have to vote Democrat, as the left tells them to.