During Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 campaign, the candidate did not possess the stamina and energy to get out to crucial battleground states in the waning days of the effort. That mistake, borne of hubris and perhaps by health issues, cost her the election.

This year, using coronavirus as an excuse, the Biden campaign is keeping their enfeebled and befuddled candidate limited to a safe range of socially distanced campaign appareances and little attended outreach events while Trump again, as in 2016, wows happy large crowds wherever he goes. As Yogi Berra said, “Deja Vu all over again.”

Perhaps this fictitious Biden schedule puts the energy of his campaign in general perspective.


The Wall Street Journal reports, “As Election Day approaches amid the coronavirus pandemic, the candidates are following different strategies for campaigning in battleground states. Mr. Trump has mostly held rallies in airport hangars, featuring closely packed supporters, often without masks, and he defied local restrictions to hold an indoor event in Nevada Sunday. While Mr. Biden is doing public events, they are intimate and socially distanced, with a requirement that attendees wear a mask…The Biden campaign says it is respecting the recommendations of scientists and local officials by holding smaller events, including roundtable policy discussions and speeches in front of socially-distanced groups of reporters. Mr. Biden’s campaign manager, Jen Dillon, said during a Politico event this week that ‘people will die’ because of Mr. Trump’s rallies, which the president’s campaign denies…Mr. Biden delivered remarks at a Tampa community college this week in a mostly empty gymnasium, and he sat down with six attendees for a discussion about veterans issues. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Mr. Biden traveled to Kissimmee, Fla., where speakers included celebrities Eva Longoria and Ricky Martin, but there was no in-person crowd beyond reporters and a handful of campaign staff and volunteers.”

Dillon’s ghoulish, yet unintentionally hilarious, prognostication of death, has to be the worst excuse from a campaign staffer in modern history. Does she really think her barely sentient candidate will get a pass on his barking mad performances and non-present supporters by the “we planned it this way” dodge and a pivot to Trump as bringer of death? When you think about it, the small crowds are actually a very good thing for the nominee, lest he get too excited at the sight of all those strangers and start babbling like a crazed parakeet.

The laughter also likely echoed in the corridors of political DC, not to mention the sticks, after reading the WSJ description of a Biden event as “intimate” and neglecting to mention Biden’s now infamous cringeworthy moment in Kissimmee when he incoherently rambled and then attempted to dance behind the podium. It was almost unbelievable. But there it was, a major party nominee as wacked out as a bat on meth making a surreal try at minority outreach by way of terpsichore. Sports fans, it doesn’t get any better than that.