On Sunday, James Clyburn, either the lying through his teeth or completely senile Democrat congressman from South Carolina, got caught by Fox News in a blatant lie. He tried to wiggle out of it but Fox‘s Pete Hegseth nailed him to a wall. The lie? That President Donald Trump is Hitler, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is the Gestapo, and that the president is trying to install himself as dictator for life.

Of course, as always, the question needs to be put (but never is) to people like Clyburn: If Trump is Hitler then why are you giving public interviews to a news network instead of incarcerated in a concentration camp? And as Joe Biden’s savior in the South Carolina primary, this guy and his thinking will have big play if there —God forbid— is a Biden administration.

The action on Sunday went down like this: “I know myself a little bit. I don’t know if I ever compared what they’re doing to the Gestapo,” Clyburn told Hegseth in the interview.

“It’s right there in the transcript,” Hegseth responded. Hegseth then played the tape. Said Clyburn last week on CNN, “That kind of activity is the activity of a police state, and this president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities in local communities, and that is what I have been warning about for a long time. I do believe that this election is all about the preservation of the greatest democracy that this country has ever known.” After that hysterical ignorance, Clyburn doubled down.

After the tape of his words was played, Clyburn said, “I said I don’t think so. Maybe I did. I’m never one to think I never can misspeak, but that is not to say that’s not what I feel.” Oh, it’s okay. His feelings are what matters, not what he said, either way…kinda’…sort of. Glad we got that cleared up.

Hegseth then asked, “Are you comparing the violence against law enforcement today, which is clear and obvious, it’s right there before all of us, and the defensive measures law enforcement have to take?… They’re [rioters are] burning Bibles in Portland instead of holding them on the bridge like the peaceful protesters did in the 1960s. How do you make that comparison?”

Good question. Clyburn punts, “I don’t know anything about burning Bibles. Everybody’s got their own religion and I knew the Koran, I know the Bible, both New and Old Testaments very well, and so just because somebody may believe in the Koran, that’s their business, so burning a Bible doesn’t do anything about burning down a federal building. What federal building has been under threat? Who attempted to burn a federal building?”

Jeez, where to start? If he’s not senile he took a Yetta Wallenda-like dive off of a rhetorical tight rope with that confused response. Also, did you notice the congressman channeling Prissy in “Gone With the Wind” in that first line? Does he have to pay Butterfly McQueen’s estate a royalty for using it? And lastly, “What federal building…?” The guy is just out to lunch or couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“With all due respect, congressman, you may be watching other networks,” Hegseth retorted. “It’s been fireworks, Molotov cocktails, explosions, attacks at officers night after night after night.” Nice work Pete. But Clyburn is too far down the mentally-challenged rabbit hole to notice. Then, of all things, Clyburn goes for this dog that won’t hunt.

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“We saw in Minneapolis a guy dressed up as if he were black, all in black, but knocking out windows. When they arrested him, when they found out, he was a white supremacist disguising himself. And that’s what’s going on all over. Black Lives Matter will not ever —the people connected to that— won’t burn down any buildings, but the people who are trying to incite stuff, the pretenders, not protesters, but pretenders will do anything.”

Yeah, “all over.” So many reports. Wow. Is an elective lobotomy required to join the House Democrat Caucus these days? And sure congressman, BLM has never burned down a thing. Oh no. It’s all manufactured on a Hollywood set to impugn the noble motives of the poor dears. As per their actual acts, you’d think BLM murdering a small girl, a black girl in Atlanta, would stir something in this politician who has made a cottage industry out of his very minor role in the 1960s civil rights movement. But no. What’s a murdered black child to Congressman Clyburn compared to keeping up a lying political narrative? Apparently, very small potatoes indeed.