Ever since the election in 2016 it seems as though Americans have become less tolerant of other people’s opinions, particularly when it comes to politics.  We see evidence of our sad new reality on a daily basis across the country.

An incident earlier this month in Wisconsin was no different as a man and his family were attacked for flying a ‘Trump 2020’ flag.

Greg Bloch was camping with his family at the Oasis Campground when a group of allegedly intoxicated individuals stumbled into their campsite. What happened next was nothing short of horrific.

“Three individuals came walking through our campsite. It was dusk, and they were coming from a pond, and they had been drinking and seemed pretty inebriated,” Bloch said.

He then described how the trio dropped pizza all over their campsite as they stumbled through, and he and his mother asked them to pick it up things went sideways.

As they were picking up their stuff, the youngest of the three saw the Trump flag and was immediately triggered and said the flag would come down.  Bloch informed him that it would not be coming down, but sure enough the group returned nearly thirty minutes later and attacked the family.

Bloch heard banging on his camper and went outside to see what was going on. This time three males had returned, the flag had been taken down and what ensued was all out chaos.

The result, Bloch, along with his wife and daughter who tried to intervene, were assaulted and bruised in an altercation at their campsite, which only ended after personnel from the Oasis Campground got involved and broke up the fight.

Bloch, whose nose was broken during the incident, has since worked with the campground and local authorities who have launched an investigation into the matter.

In 2020, whether it’s a debate over a mask or supporting one political side or another, it would seem America is moving backward.  Gone are the days of discussion, debate and being able to accept each other for who we all are, and what we believe. Now, particularly when people on the Left do not get what they want, they resort to violence and destruction.

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Still, as difficult as it is, in the age of ‘cancel culture’ and intolerance, it is more critical than ever that Americans stick to their values and principles and know who they are.  Just don’t assault people if they have different opinions than you.

This piece was written by Drew Berquist on August 9, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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