Richard Grenell absolutely humiliates and destroys Claire McCaskill in one savagely brilliant tweet

Claire McCaskill has become the "Homer Simpson" of Twitter Democrats.

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You know how when you’re watching something on TV or video and someone screws up so badly they dub in those “screeching tire” sound effects? Well, former Missouri Democrat senator and current MSNBC analyst Claire McCaskill needed that sound when she tried to go after Richard Grenell.

Claire McCaskill has become the “Homer Simpson” of Twitter Democrats. She’s constantly getting owned and humiliated online after her crushing Senate defeat back in 2018. DOH!

This latest drubbing by Richard Grenell is one of the best and one of our very favorite McCaskill thumpings.

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She walked right into it, too. Here’s what happened:

From Daily Wire:

After the announcement that the United States will draw down the number of troops stationed in Germany, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell answered a critic of the move who stated that the action was not made as part of a “strategy or a threat assessment.”

“It may not be your assessment but it was planned and will be implemented by the Pentagon,” Grenell replied. “Times change.”

That response triggered former Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill, who now serves as an NBC News and MSNBC analyst after losing her re-election bid to Republican Josh Hawley in 2018, to write a sneering reply.

“Of all the sycophants and unqualified folks surrounding Trump, why do I find this guy particularly repugnant?” the former senator wrote Monday. “Because he was given real jobs and didn’t have a clue?”

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And here is where Grenell absolutely humiliates and destroys McCaskill in one savagely brilliant tweet.

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Grenell responded by reminding the former senator that she actually voted YES for his confirmation.

“Ummm, you voted for me,” he wrote in a post highlighting her “yea” vote in favor of him. “Or was that because you had an upcoming election and wanted to hoodwink the people of Missouri into thinking you weren’t a partisan?!”

I loved the “Ummm” and the big red circle around her name.

The best part about this is McCaskill, who’s trying so hard to slam Grenell, ends up slamming herself.

She’s trying to say Grenell isn’t qualified to do the job he was given, yet she voted to give him that job.

Democrats’ brains are so suspect. These nut-jobs have completely lost all common sense and the ability to rationalize like a normal human being. They’re so filled with these misguided emotions that they’re lashing out and throwing fits like unruly toddlers.

And as with Claire here, they’re getting “spanked” like bratty kids, too!

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