The delusional Democrats and their perpetuation of this anti-police frenzy stagger the rational mind. I wrote a while back about my dismay with so many professional sports leagues hopping on board the anti-cop bandwagon in the name of leftist-defined social justice. However, I was encouraged that the NHL didn’t seem inclined to run alongside their pro colleagues in the anti-police stampede. I spoke too soon.

Recently, the NHL postponed their playoffs so they could protest an incident of “police brutality” in Kenosha, Wisconsin. You know, the incident where the wanted felon, Jacob Blake, (wanted on a warrant for violating a court order regarding an alleged sexual assault), fought with police, was tazed twice and refused all lawful orders to comply with police, before he opened his car door and reached inside. Oh, and, by the way, he was armed with a knife. Blake admitted it.

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This is the person these professional organizations and athletes are putting their support behind while protesting the police officers who did nothing wrong. Where does the hubris come from? It comes from the Left inspiring people to believe everyone must think exactly as they do, or you are a racist. The Left is inspiring some otherwise decent people to take the side of a wanted felon over honorable police officers working to keep their communities safe.

Being a native New Englander, transplanted to the Pacific Northwest, the Boston Bruins are my favorite NHL team, and Brad Marchand is one of my favorite players. In fact, one of my kids just got me, ironically, a Salute to Service Bruins “Marchand” jersey for my birthday. I love it. Unfortunately, Marchand and some other Bruins players recently issued a statement supporting the NHL protest game postponements. His words betray how the Left is accomplishing their brainwashing by obfuscating what being political means.

Consider the comments the Bruin’s immensely talented left winger (wait… that may explain a lot) made as reported at “I think that’s one thing that people continually mix up is they bring politics into these situations. That’s not what this is about. We’re not being political. That’s not the goal, and that’s not what we’re were here for. There need to be changes made throughout society right now. It’s bigger than hockey. It’s bigger than sports.

“It’s about people being equal and being the same and being treated the same. It’s just about making changes. People want to point in different directions and make it something it’s not. That’s what we want to avoid. We don’t want to make it about a political statement, we want to make it about people being better and making changes and getting to a point where we all see each other as equals, and that’s what it’s all about.”

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That perspective is only valid if the thing you are protesting is truly happening. The problem here is it’s not happening. The police are not systemically racist or brutal toward black people or other people of color—or anyone. There are no objective facts that prove this and much evidence exists to the contrary. If you care enough to look for it and get past the partisan talking points.

“[Politics] is not what this is about?” This is all about politics—Democrat politics. The primary organization responsible for the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is headed by admitted “trained Marxists.” Is Marchand saying because he believes a certain way that it can’t be political because he really believes it, but if someone disagrees, they are “bring[ing] politics into these situations”? Anyone else see a problem with this perspective?

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Here’s my contention: As a retired cop, I disagree with professional sports protesting an armed, wanted criminal whose actions forced a police officer to shoot him. Does it really surprise anyone that I’d have a different opinion than the Marxists lying to you?

Some of these athletes seem to have no idea how political they are being. With their media allies, the Left is teaching them and so many others in and out of sports that whatever viewpoint they hold on an issue is not political—it’s right and it’s the only right that may exist. Even if there are other legitimate sides to the issue, they must be snuffed out. The Left wants you to truly believe their views are not political opinions, that they are objective truths that must be held by everyone—or we’ll beat you up in the streets.

We’re not being political; we’re just being correct.

Well, just saying you’re not political doesn’t make it so. Do many of these athletes even know all of this civil unrest in the streets is an anti-police, anti-American movement? Do they care? I know people like Colin Kaepernick know what it is and doesn’t care. Remember the anti-cop “pig” socks at practice. For LeBron James, his activism seems all about Chinese money, but I could be wrong.

But some athletes don’t seem to connect the Left’s goals to defund —destroy— police departments with what they believe they are protesting. Why are they choosing to believe the Marxists and not the police? Leftist domestic terrorists are destroying American cities, large and small, and are killing and injuring police officers. And the violent Marxists are the people these athletes are supporting whether they know it or not.

Who is protesting this organized, coordinated attack on law enforcement officers? Not professional sports franchises or large corporations and industries. Instead, they are spitting in the faces of those who protect and serve them, and they are supporting their enemies.

Recently, Boston Globe writer Matt Porter slammed Bruins’ goalie, Tuukka Rask, for wearing a Boston P.D. cap during an interview. Ironically, it was Marchand who publicly defended Rask. Perhaps, Marchy could go with that feeling in the future. Seems a better fit for him not to engage in piling on the police.

Don’t these athletes and pro sports organizations realize what they are backing when they protest incidents like what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin? They hear the fake headlines about a cop shooting an “unarmed” black man the state’s lieutenant governor describes as attempting to “deescalate” a situation. Police reports say Blake wasn’t calming anything. He was allegedly attempting to steal his girlfriend’s car keys.

Instead, the athletes buy the Marxist lie and protest by not playing the game they’re being paid richly to play. And, according to players who don’t want to accept responsibility for the reality of what they’re doing, no matter how much they try to delude themselves into thinking otherwise, they are being political. They just need to step back, take a breath, and see it.

And what about the players that don’t agree with the protests? Where are they? Well, they’ve been taught by the radicals that you may not hold or express an opposing opinion. This new Left allows no dissent. Just ask Drew Brees. What kind of nut gets mad at Drew Brees?

A couple of days ago I emailed the NHL and the Boston Bruins fan relations. I have yet to hear from either of them about their decision to support cop-haters over police officers who risk their lives every day and who also protect their facilities, staff, players, and fans.

I don’t think Brad Marchand or any of the other Bruins are bad people for taking what they believe is an “ethical” or “moral” stand. But they are taking the stand based on the fallacy of systemic police brutality and racism.

It doesn’t take much research to discover the truth. I invite all professional athletes not to trust me but to do a little research into the FBI stats and the academic studies on police use-of-force related to race that collapse the Marxist BLM and anarchist Antifa movement myths.

I still love the Bruins. But, again, as a retired police officer, I cannot watch any league that has decided to honor admitted Marxist cop-haters while dishonoring good police officers. I would just ask the NHL and the Boston Bruins’ organization and players to do some research into the movement you support with such actions.

Even better, ask some other professional athletes —black athletes in particular, such as Burgess Owens, Jack Brewer, or Herschel Walker— for a different perspective. Mr. Walker, during his speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention, said, “The worst one [slurs about Pres. Trump] is ‘racist.’ I take it as a personal insult that people would think I’ve had a 37-year friendship with a racist.” Yeah, talk to him.