NASA just went woke, won’t use offensive terms like “Eskimo” or “Siamese” to identify stars and systems

I remember being younger, and like most of the world, thinking 2020 would be some crazy futuristic world that could have previously only been imagined on the big screen.

Fast forward to present, and somehow it seems as though we have gone backwards.  Sure, there have been some great technological advancements, but the populous seems to be getting dumber and more concerned with emotional progress than having a balanced and pragmatic approach to life and its issues.

We have seen nearly everything on this planet go the woke route, creating genderless bathrooms, universities eliminating pronouns because they’re remarkably offensive, and politicians are even discussing national reparations for something, as dark and tragic as it was, is well in the rearview mirror and something none of us participated in.

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And now, we are taking our newfound national “wokeness” to other galaxies.

This week NASA announced that it would no longer use offensive terms like Siamese or Eskimo when describing far away stars or systems.

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They said this in a statement, “It has become clear that certain cosmic nicknames are not only insensitive, but can be actively harmful.”

“NASA is examining its use of unofficial terminology for cosmic objects as part of its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

One such instance is a star, that is near the end of its life, and has been referred to as the Eskimo Nebula within NASA.  However, scientists will now simply refer to it as NGC 2392.

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The space agency said “Eskimo is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions. Most official documents have moved away from its use.”

As another example, a galaxy once referred to as the Siamese Twins Galaxy will not just be referred to as NGC4567 and NGC 4568, which of course rolls off the tongue with much more ease.

To be clear there is no place for racism in any form, anywhere. But the trend of people and organizations caving to the mob because they (the mob), believe something is offensive to them is literally destroying our country.

Perhaps there are better names than Eskimo or Siamese, that’s not my point.  If the majority of Americans feels they are offensive, change them by all means.

Rather, the point is someone, or some group, is always going to complain about how something is, or could be, offensive.  But the world knee-jerk reacting to every liberal tear is not going to help bring about a better place.  It is going to legitimize their adolescent behavior and lead us down a progressive path that will not be sustainable over the long haul.

There is no doubt we as a people and a nation can do much better, but there have to be equal voices, tolerance for other ideas, and then we have to use the process in place to gain majority for said changes.  Sadly, the Left no longer wants to use this system and has grown intolerant of any dissenting opinions.

This piece was written by Drew Berquist on August 8, 2020. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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