The Left is so frustrated at their ability to convincingly bash President Donald Trump that now they are blatantly and viciously going after First Lady Melania Trump.

While this isn’t the first time the ignorant Left has targeted Melania Trump, this attack not only features a kitschy Manhattan critique of gardening, but a bigoted anti-immigrant screed from a devotee of the same political party that worships immigrants. But apparently, only certain types of immigrants: The illegal kind.

Precious New York Times poodle Kurt Eichenwald had this to say on Saturday about a White House Rose Garden renovation directed by the First Lady: “It is a destruction of our history, something no other First Lady would have had the gall to do. This is the first time I have been furious that @FLOTUS is a foreigner. She has no right to wreck our history… Someone who has only been a citizen for less than 1/3 of her life should be reverent to America’s history, should honor our history, not decide her personal taste should rip it up.”

And what was the great crime the poised, lovely, and tasteful Melania Trump is allegedly guilty of? What is the “destruction” and wrecking?

The First Lady: “Excited to honor history & celebrate the future in our beautiful @WhiteHouse Rose Garden this evening. Thank you to all who helped renew this iconic & truly gorgeous space.”

She added, “The very act of planting a garden involves hard work and hope in the possibility of a bright future. Preserving the history and beauty of the White House and its grounds is a testament to our nation’s commitment to the care of this landscape and our dedication to American ideals, safeguarding them for our children and their children for generations to come.” Oh my God! What destructive evil she has wrought. Quick, get ICE to deport her to Supermodel Island!

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Now it would be caddish, but oh so easy, to compare our current and stunningly beautiful First Lady to others who held that position. But one can say in a positive light, not since Jacqueline Kennedy (to include any immediately previous occupant of the position who holds a striking resemblance to a large antlered mammal oftentimes found wandering the roads of Alaska) has a First Lady shown the sense of elegance and classic style as does Melania Trump.

Even the usual suspects of Trump bashers thought Eichenwald had gone too far.

But the unintentionally campy Eichenwald will not heed their sensible counsel. Like so many others of his political and cultural ilk, he is so consumed with a mania for, and jealousy of, the president that he seeks to strike him personally, hoping for a glance of notice from the object of his desperate obsession.

However, the president and the First Lady have better things to do than notice an insect like Eichenwald. The president has a country to run and an election to win. The First Lady will no doubt continue to brighten any environ she is in with her winsome magnificence and her effortless grace. America is lucky to have them both.