Karen vote could switch from Biden to Trump on school opening issue

These women want their kids in school in September.

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Presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris both called for a national mask mandate (even outdoors) on Thursday. With that proposed edict they also have agreed with teachers unions and vodka manufacturers across the country on the supposed need to keep kids home from school for the foreseeable future because of the virus threat. When asked about rights of parents in this regard, Biden retorted, “It’s not about your rights.” Truer words on the general Democrat views on the rights of Americans were never spoken. President Trump doubts Biden would, as president, have the power to institute the measure.

The president wasn’t finished with Biden: “At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left-wing politics before facts. Sleepy Joe opposed both the China and Europe travel bans. He opposed the China travel ban that I instituted very early and the Europe ban I instituted quite early… All Americans must have their freedoms. I trust the American people and their governors very much. Joe doesn’t know too much.”

Stacy Shea, ace South Carolina GOP political operative, postulated the theory that this issue could have a boomerang effect on Biden, as suburban moms who are not now politically enamored with the president —the so-called “Karen vote” or “kindergarten teacher vote”— could switch from Biden to Trump because they want their kids in school in September and are suspicious of the statistical muddle on government virus infection reporting.

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In a phone interview with LifeZette, Shea said, “Closing our schools to stop the spread of COVID-19 has been a hardship. In the spring there was a spirit of shared sacrifice. People felt they could shoulder the burden of teaching their kids from home while juggling their own careers for a time. Families have become increasingly anxious for their children to return to classes and extracurricular activities at school. The reopening plans announced across the country have been a major disappointment for families and in particular for mothers. Moms mostly do not want their family lives to intersect with politics. When it comes to the reopening of schools, politics has come for our kids. As a result of these protracted closures with no sign of anything normal for our children, that good will is all but gone. The suburban mom vote has been touted as essential to win presidential campaigns. On this issue it could move to Trump.”

LifeZette asked women in states vital to a Trump victory about Shea’s idea—they were all on board. Ohio GOP activist Kim Kilbourne said, “In Ohio this could swing suburban moms to Trump. These women, who have had their kids home since the spring, want them in school in the fall. Trump is for that, teachers unions and Biden are not for that. It’ll help Trump.”

A nurse in swing state North Carolina (who prefers anonymity) said, “The mandatory mask nonsense would have an impact on what moms, especially suburban moms, want for their family. To keep our kids, the soul of our families, out of school further would negatively impact their social and psychosocial wellbeing. Our goal is to raise healthy, mentally and physically fit children, and they need to get back to school, not further hide at home behind masks for another three months. This issue will break for Trump.”

Swing state Michigan veterans activist Jennifer Zuckschwerdt, whose last name sounds like a German military term (“Mein fuhrer, ve must capture ze allied Zuckschwerdt!”), has this to say on the issue, “Here in Michigan, we have many suburban housewives that I believe will end up switching their vote from Biden to Trump. Why? Due to the early closing of our schools, the kids have been home all summer and now between Biden and Frau Whitmer and their dumb edicts, these housewives won’t be able to pawn their kids off to be indoctrinated while they ‘go get their hair did’ and meet up with their girlfriends for Zoomba class. These women want their kids in school. Advantage Trump.”

The consensus is becoming clear. National busybody mask and closed school mandates from the Democrats may not be in their best political interests, nor in the best interests of parents and students. It could take suburban women (who like the president’s results but abhor his personal manner) and motivate them to vote for Trump to protect their children and their own sanity. Such are the vagaries of politics.

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