Illinois school district makes leftwing racism official policy

Students have to be a certain color to get preferential treatment.

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For over one hundred years Jim Crow was the law of the land in the South. Now, with an ugly twist that is just as brutally bigoted as its predecessor, it has returned as policy for a suburban Chicago school district. Call it, Jim Dove racism.

District 65, in Evanston and Skokie, has decreed “students of color” will get the first slots in returning for in-person classes when schools open, stating there is “a pandemic” of “inequity and racism, and classism” that preceded COVID-19. Lester Maddox would be proud.

District Superintendent Devon Horton said the district would give special treatment to “black and brown students,” and others students it deems to be “marginalized” or “oppressed.” Thus by an arbitrary Marxist decision by a school district, students will be discriminated against on the basis of the color of their skin or penalized for the career success of their parents.

“This decision aligns directly to the guidance released by the Illinois State Board of Education on June 23 in using an equity lens to implement and transition into blended learning. This was also a top idea recommended by our Community-based Task Force,” school district spokeswoman Melissa Messinger told the press. “As a community deeply committed to educational equity, we will continue to root our decision-making on how to best serve our most vulnerable student populations.” This assumes all students “of color” need help to compete against other students. How patronizing. It recalls the words of Michael Gerson regarding “the soft bigotry of low expectations” deployed by “the armies of compassion.”

“We are in a pandemic,” Superintendent Horton said, “and we also know that everyone is affected by this differently. But there was a pandemic before this. That was inequity and racism, and classism and all of these other things. And so I just want to make sure that as we’re making a decision – no decision is going to make everyone happy – we understand that… We’re trying to support every single child to the best of our ability, and we can’t allow a political cash train to take over our decision-making regarding how we return our students to school. We have to make sure that students who’ve been oppressed, that we don’t continue to oppress them and that we give them opportunity. I’ve heard for quite some time that this is a community that’s about equity for black and brown students, for special education students, for LGBTQ students. We know that this is important work, and we’re going to prioritize that.”

So if a student is of a district-approved color or sexual orientation then they will receive a better education than other students. The blatant and obvious manipulation of children to achieve Marxist social engineering goals is not even covered up with liberal platitudes, but bragged about. Such is the low level of intellectual self-awareness of Superintendent Horton. Here’s an example of more of their Bolshevik fun.

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Deputy Superintendent Latarsha Green said the special treatment labels include “students receiving free or reduced lunch, black and brown students, students who received an I [Incomplete] or less than 50% on their report cards, emerging bilinguals, and students with IEPs.” So, fail in class? Get special treatment. Do well in class and happen to be white, or happen to be any color and your parents are successful, and you will be discriminated against. That is policy in this school district. The students? They don’t matter to Superintendent Horton or the rest of the educrats of the district. They are just tools of Marxist schoolmasters who see them as pawns, nothing more.

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