Alec Baldwin accuses President Trump of destroying America and its international reputation: ‘Trump’s presidency must die!’

The radically liberal Hollywood star Alec Baldwin has become infamous over the past few years for his constant attacks on President Donald Trump. On Wednesday morning, Baldwin took things a step further when he accused Trump of destroying America as well as our country’s international reputation.

“The rest of the world is leaving us behind. Trump has destroyed this country and its reputation as a beacon of courage, ingenuity, humanity,” Baldwin tweeted melodramatically.

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Not stopping there, Baldwin bluntly added, “Trump’s presidency must die.”

Do you agree that protesting is acceptable, but rioting is not?

This echoed something that Baldwin had tweeted last month, when he wrote, “Trump’s presidency must die so that we can live.”

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There’s no limit to the lengths that Baldwin will go to shame President Trump and his supporters. He has also been one of the Hollywood stars who is pushing the unfounded conspiracy theory that Trump will try and “stop” the November election.

“The ‘police’ activity in Portland, and lack of outrage over/resistance to it tells us how Trump could stop the election in November. It’s his only hope,” Baldwin tweeted last month. He was referring to Trump sending in federal agents to stop the violence in Portland, which has gotten completely out of control in the months since the death of George Floyd.

It’s ironic that Baldwin has such an obsessive hatred for Trump, when he should really be thanking the president for making him relevant again. Baldwin was something of a has-been in Hollywood before Trump took office, at which time he snagged a job impersonating the president on the NBC sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”

Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump has earned him the kind of accolades from the liberal world of Hollywood that he had not gotten in years, and he has the president to thank for that. Baldwin should be hoping that Trump gets reelected more than anyone, as that will ensure four more years of work for him. If Trump does end up losing this election, however, Baldwin can kiss his own relevancy goodbye as well.

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